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ArcaneVII Season 2 | Cap 140 | New Features | Job Based | Play2Join | High Rates | Ip Limit | Pc Limit | Plus Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Forgotten World | Start Items | New Quests | Custom Edits | Balanced Server | Auto Equipment | Lottery Package | Holy Elixirs | Holy Water Temple | Custom Npc | Egg Event

Our vision for ArcaneVII Season 2, for silkroad and for the community has been decided even before beginning this project.

Nereus | D16 | Cap 140 | Free Silk/Hour | Wind Mastery | Auto Events | New Systems | New Job System | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Battle Arena | Capture The Flag | Facebook Event | Auto Title System | Unique Rank Reward | Balanced Skills | Afk Bubbles | Custom Npc | Char Effect Scroll | Auto Equipment | D16 New Style | Arabia Uniques | Behemoth Pet

#Project 2
-Greetings, Prvsro Community! Today we are going to share our game with you after long days of working on it, fixing problems, adding news and trying to give the best experience... we finally finished it! We think that players prefer PVE servers ,over power, crazy stuff, scrolls, new regions, high degrees..etc, so we made this one... We would like to provide our game .

W-SRO | Cap 80 | Eu&Ch | Long Term Server | Old School Server | Low Rates | Max Plus | Jangan Fortress | Ip Limit | Academy System | Custom Job System | Balanced System | Custom Npc | Daily Events | Start Items

Hello, welcome to W-SRO,
We are really proud to present our brand new 80 cap EU&CH server. We've experienced very well,

Roto Sro | Anbuis Rebirth | Instant Alchemy | New Features | Cap 110 | Legendary Upgrade | D11 | Reborn System | Max Plus | Vote 4 Silk | Gift System | Battle Arena | Capture The Flag | Ip Limit | Upgrade System | Special Npc | Alchemy Scroll | Achievements System | Honor Buff | Daily Achievement | Special Title System

Hi, all today I am introducing an awesome server that was founded on 9/2018 and we have been upgrading game experience until the day when we completed it.