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Sbot for private servers ! [vsro]

You asked for it, here it is!
SBot for private servers.
[VSRO] Initial test release v1.0.0
* Initial (test) release
* Added special features:
- AutoCaptcha: Enters the captcha automatically. It is required to set the number of chars of the captcha and describe the char types (numbers, upper-case chars or both) once.
Current detection quota is around ~80-85%. It will get better with time.
- Enhanced security: Per default all connections started from sro_client process that are not needed for the game to run are dropped.
- Added support for D13 items

* This version does NOT support private servers that do not run on VSRO files. Also servers running the latest VSRO files are not supported yet.

Download links:

From Faceebok : Bot-Cave | Facebook

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what is this shit link is not fond xD
y not can download

We have tested the links and it's working 100%

links work. But does it require account to login? If it is; I'm assuming payment would also require T_T

yes it require account you must buy it

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Yeah its paid bot , if you want free bot then use mbot cracked

Its the Sbot

how can i download the game man????

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