ft *NEW*[Dedicated][Instant 80]JourneyPvP Server[Job Based][BETA]oldschool* ~ Private Sro

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*NEW*[Dedicated][Instant 80]JourneyPvP Server[Job Based][BETA]oldschool*

Website(register only until i finish the site): Register
Media download: Download

Server info:

Server name: JourneyPvP
Level and skill cap: 80 CH/EU
Trade rate: 25x (5* = 1b from JG to DW)
Slots: 1000

Starter items:

10,000,000 SP
15,000,000 Gold
1x 3Day Grab Pet
3 page Inventory
Full blue +5/+7 with 50% stats at NPCs

Server Info:

-Guild Emblems : Working
-Capture Flags : Working
-Fortress War : Working

-1-8D Item Drops : Closed
-Battle Arena : Closed
-Forgetten World : Closed
-Magic Pop : Closed
-Magic Pop npc's : removed from spawn points

-Maps : Jangan & Donwhang for now, so there is more job conflict until the server gets more populated!

-Fortress : Will open after beta.



Mana and Iron skin duration reduced from 45 to 15 seconds.
All Buffs closed
Knockback on Daredevil removed
Dual Twist stun chance reduced


Dagger Desperate Dmg increase reduced from 75% to 50% and dmg taken reduced from 75% to 50%
Crossbow Extreme Dmg increase reduced to 50%


Removed completely. (useless without warrior buffs)


Removed completely. (abused by str chars)


Removed completely.


Reverse Oblation Closed ( Blackres )
Reverse Immolation Closed ( Blackres )
Bless Spell cooldown increased to 10 minutes

(Tooltips are still the same though!)

Mbot in pvp = Warning -> 3 Day Ban -> Perma Ban
Grouping up on someone in cape pvp = Warning -> 3 Day Ban -> Perma Ban
Abusing job system in any way = 3 Day Ban -> Perma Ban

To-Do list:

Add FB SOM items for gold to npcs
Change Sun gear stats to make them Som+2
Add Avatars for gold to npc
Finish website

Im open for any suggestions you guys have. Let me know, if you find a bug or any problem ingame.

Dont ask for free silk, because i wont be doing it. Its supposed to be a job based server, so i dont want everyone running around with reverses, res scrolls or damage scrolls.

If i forgot anything just let me know and i will add it to the thread, otherwise have fun!

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