ft [PvP]WolfieRoad Online, 11DG FB 100% items at NPC, [BETA-VERSION] ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[PvP]WolfieRoad Online, 11DG FB 100% items at NPC, [BETA-VERSION]

Welcome to WolfieRoad-PvP Private Server!

We are glad to say that we are giving away lots of prizes(Avatars,weps A...) to the first 20 ACTIVE player's!

Server Info:
• 500 Slots
• Lag Free
Stackable Elixir's in 50x Packs
• Instant lvl 110
Stall max price is: 100bilions
• Stones can be bought at npc in Jangan (1k each)
• Jangan, Donwhang, Alexandria, Job Temple, Forgotten World are Available!
Dimension Holes 1,2,3,4 grades are in DW grocery shop!
• Daily events for CH and EU with nice rewards!
• Fortress War, Capture the Flag
• 11D Items with blues has been added to NPC.
Shop Items.

Shop Weapons.

Shop Shield.

11D Stones at Jg Groceryshop.

Dimension Hole's at NPC.

Starting Items:
• 10m sp
• 100m start gold
• 4 week premium gold time
• 50 Reverse return scrolls
• Devil Spirit (A)
• Count and Chief General Quests


Beginners Items.

-> New Glows <-






* Devil S = 10€

* 300 Silk = €3,50
* 700 Silk = €7,-
* 1100 Silk = €12,50

Egypt Items are added in NPC sold for silk.
Each part from a set and accessory cost 110 Silk.
Weapons cost 700 Silk.
The items are +5 with blues in NPC.

Donate to PayPal:


After donating, send a e-mail to wolfieroadonline@gmail.com

set your id/charname and your e-mail adress from PayPal in it
After you've done this a GM will pm you.
~Server Owner: [GM]Wolfie, [GM]Exodia

~GameMaster Assistant: [GM]Sylar, [GM]Naty, [GM]XFX, [GM]Barathrum

Registration Site: http://wolfieroadserver.com:16000/

[SIZE="4"]Official Homepage: http://wolfieroadonline.webs.com/

Full Client :http://depositfiles.com/files/6wegts6wu

Media.pk2: [http://depositfiles.com/files/iy79tr0ni 

Any Questions Feel free to ASK!! thanks and enjoy our server 

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