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ALLSro Private Server | Cap 110 | D11 | Free Silk/Hour | High Rates | Coin System | Forgotten World | Unique System | Custom Npc | New Glows | New D11 Style | Special Edits | Professional Server | Daily Events

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - ALLSro Online (Cap 110)

Wave Online | Pvp Cap 100 | Free Silk | Coin System | Free To Play | Grand Opening | D10 Pvp Server | Max Plus | Union Limit | Guild Limit | Honor Buffs | Ctf | Battle Arena | Special Shop | Custom Scrolls | New Pets | Stones Npc | Daily Unique Rank | Automatic Events | Auto Alchemy Notice

Why Wave Online PvP Server
There are many players that are really not interested on having to bot to farm and all these silkroad related stuff in order to have fun in a private server. There are players that all they want is to have fun by participating in many events, doing PvPs and simply using high-end gear without doing anything! We're here to satisfy these kind of players that all they want is have fun not bot.

Experior Online | Cap 140 | Free Silk/Hour | Job Based | D14 | Special Edits | Long Term | Arabian Patch | Ip Limit | Capture The Flag | Jupiter Temple | Max Plus | Auto Events | Referral System | Awaken System | Achievement System | Lucky Room | Anti Cheat System | New Skills | Daily Quests | Magic City

Experior online is a one of a kind server, with a lot of custom edits which will bring both joy and entertainment to the community. The server is running vSRO files with Arabian upgrade patch.

Pantu Sro Online | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | DDoS Protected | Long Term | Holy Water Temple | Max Plus | Battle Arena | Capture The Flag | Forgotten World | Happy Event | Start Items | Anti Cheat System | Balanced System | Custom Edits

Hello Everyone
Pantu Sro server is a famous one had a lot of success since 2011 till 2014 , but the game had a lot of unlucky days then closed more than 2 times ..