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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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You can find here best bot and tools that will help you in game.

Vbot For EvxSro

Vbot For Evxsro Trinal Server

You Must Register In This Site To Use The Bot


PanicSro | 110 Cap | 110Skill |1M Free Silk|Free Egy item|

Welcome Guys in Panic Sro

Website: Panic Sro | Home Page
Register: Panic Sro | Register
Download: Panic Sro | Download

You should Download media +particles because no Bugs and no Dump

media For V 1.88: Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Particles : Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

but we should Download Full Client

Panic-sro Informations
Max Lvl: 110
Max Skill Lvl: 110
Mastery Cap: 330
Gold Drop: 30x
Item Drop: 100x
Alchemy: 2x
Server Features
Instant lvl 110
All items +7 @ NPC Egy Weapons A B
Start with 1m silk
Start with 10m SP
Start with 10m gold
All items price is 1 gold
Bard dances are disabled
Cleric Str/Int buffs are disabled
Warrior, Fences and pain And Mana Skin and Iron Skin are disabled
Black Ress is disabled
Panic-sro Informations

Start Item
1M Silk
FTW: Work
BattelArena: Work [Every 1 hour ]
Instant Lvl 110
Free Egypt A-B grade Items +7 FB all 61%
Start Title Panic Eur and panic Chn
Elixirs from [Arena Coin]
Good Alchemy Rate 
Set Shop

Accessory Shop

Weapon Glow From 7 To 16

Afk on Battle Arena not Allowed =ban

PQ Buff and Bard buff not Allowed

Fortress War Time

Register Time :Every Saturday and Wednesday 24 H

Fortress War Time Friday and Monday

Friday : From 4:00 to 5:30

  Monday : From 6:00 to 7:30


And much more

CrystalSro|80cap|Old School Server|FTW|New Quests|

CrystalSro 80cap

Rates and Server Features

EXP & SP Rate: 70x
PARTY EXP Rate: 75x
DROP Rate: 55x
GOLD Rate: 35x
SOX Rate: 1%
Cap :80
Skill cap:300
Only jangan fortress


Home page:Crystal Silkroad - The best of the best!
Download links
Download media.pk2 (Files.fm upload):Download

Download media.pk2 (MultiUpload): Download

Start items

Npc new + system

*+ Npc items:
+ 1DG +7
+ 2DG +6
+ 3DG +5
+ 4DG +4
+ 5DG +3
+ 6DG +2
+ 7DG +1
+ 8DG +0

New npc and system

Reverse 5m
Dragon Flag 10m
Gold pig scroll 20m
(No free silk)

New map system

New quest npc

New quest npc and new quest items

Quest Features

CrystalSro VIP Quest V : Black Crystal (Gold Coin Quest) (78Lv - 80Lv)

Quest : Kill Niya General Or Niya Royal Guard and pick Black Crystal.
Quest Item : 250 pieces Black Crystal
Quest Monster : Niya General, Niya Royal Guard
Quest NPC : Crystal Quest of Hotan
Quest Form : Unlimited repeats
Quest Reward : 10 Gold Coin

Roc montain new mob system

New town Coming Soon

Paradise-Network - [Artemis] # Cap90 # Oldschool Server # D9 # FTW

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you our newest project called Artemis.
Artemis is designed to be an Oldschool-Server avoiding Stuff such as Fellow Pets.

General Information

Website: Paradise Network
Forum: Board
Download: Paradise Network
Release date: 28.09.2012 16:00 (GMT+1)

Server Specifications
Level Cap: 90
Item Cap: 9Degree
EXP/SP: x20
Droprate: x10
Goldrate: x10
Alchemy: x1

Server Features
Disabled Adv. Elixirs
Disabled Magicpop
Disabled Forgotten World(including Envys)
Chinese & European
Only Hotan Fortress
Changed Maxstacks
Skills showing Max at Level 90
Old Skillbar(Little visual problems)
Big Item-Mall including about 40 Dresses
Working Guild Icons
Various donation methods(Paypal, Paymentwall)
Titan Uniques removed
IP Limit of 3 Characters
.. and a lot more!

Starter Items:

The first 300 players will also receive a free Holy Knight Dress.

Capture the Flag: Daily, every 2 hours
Fortress War: Sunday, 16:00 (GMT+1)

Why starting here?
Might you already heard about our other Server 'Paradise' which is Online since more then 1 year already. We are not interested in keeping this Server just for 2 weeks. Everyone inside our team has already been a staff member on various successfull servers and knows what he does. We can offer support in many languages for example English, German, Romanian, Russian, French and many more!
You can also already find Members for your Guild or Party at our Forum.

Join now and help us to make Artemis a Unique Gaming Experience.

Imperial-Online/120Cap/New Weapons/100K Silk Free/New Areas/Last ISRO Fellow Pets

Exp Rate : 500x
Item Drop Rate : 30x
Gold Drop Rate : 30x
Alchemy Rate : 3x
Level Cap : 120
Item Cap : 120
Client Version 1.219
Race : Chin And Euro.
Fortress War Works.
Forgotten World Works.
CTF Works.
Battle Arena Works.

Website :

Download :
New Client 1 Link Fix

register :

Some Screen From Game

This is All thing In Game and Every new Char DW With 100K Silk Free

New Media For Old CLient

New Media Link Here
New Client Link Here
Or Here

New Screen