ft X7Sro - Instant 110Cap, Only chinese PVP Server ~ Private Sro

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X7Sro - Instant 110Cap, Only chinese PVP Server


[::] Only Chinese race [::]

[::] MaxLv : 110 [::]

[::] MaxDg : 11Dg [::]

[::] Mastery : 330 [::]

[::] Drop : 3x [::]

[::] Alchemy : 1x [::]

A real 110cap server, with a huge amount of end-game content. You can fight in job temple, you can join to the Battle Arena. Dimension holes are sold at NPC, and teleport to Pharaoh temple is available from the start town. You start with NPC items, and you can gain golds by doing quests or coins and talismans at 3x drop rate. We opened a special Unique room, where most of uniques spawn frequently.

[::] X7Sro homepage [::]

[::] Media ( VSRO 1.193 ) [::]

[::] Contact [::]


High level job suits available ( Black Devil Suit / Special Identity Card )
Only Chinese items are sold
Battle Arena working
Forgotten World working
Pharaoh Temple working
Job Temple working
Stacks are increased
No Skillbar Bug
No Greenbook

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