ft Alpha-Infectus/Cap110/10KSilk/NewSkills/Job Based/NewBlue/Auto Equip Item/And More ~ Private Sro

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Alpha-Infectus/Cap110/10KSilk/NewSkills/Job Based/NewBlue/Auto Equip Item/And More

Hello Guys Today we just Finish Devoloper Alpha Online After 15 Days testing
and plane for this Server its not bassed on Donation only its really fun PVE High RAte Server
Enjoy the Details And Have fun

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Website: Alpha Infectus Online
Server Configuration

Race: Ch & EU
Level Cap: 110
Skill Cap: 120
Mastery Level: 330
Experience Ratio: 180x Weekend 250x
Experience Ratio Party : 250x Weekend 300x
Skill Experience Ratio: 200x Weekend 300x
Drop Ratio: 30x weekend 40x
Gold Ratio: 10x weekend 20x
Gold Ratio: alchemy Rate 1.4 x
Job: Old Job System Bassed ! Balanced OF gold Coin And Silk Items
Job Reward Ratio: 50x With System (Both for Trader/Thief)
Botting: Allowed (Client is available to run all the bots.)

• Server Features

• FTW Hotan & Bandit & Jangan With Taxes
• CTF Config To New Rewards ( Gold Coin )
• Battle Arena Enabled.
• Working Guild Icons.
• Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked as 200units.
• Special Grab Pet 5 Page expansion item.
• Register users get 10K Silk till Server Reach 500 Online
• 3 Characters Allowed Per IP.
• Enable Advanced Elixirs. +3 +4
• Enable Magic Pop. 5x
• Enable Devil & Angel Spirit. 20 % With Stones
• Enable Forgotten World.
• Added Vigor Potion from the NPC.
• 3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
• New Teleports
• New Zone PVP
• New Zone For Uniques Event
• Skills Of Lv 120 Changed to lv 110.
• All Items are configured like the real old 110 Cap.
• Premium stats 15%
• Job Temple
• Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
• Weapon glow colors are configured With Classics One
• Added New Damge Scroll New Speed Scrolls

Start Items
• 5 Damge Scroll
• 5 Def Scroll
• 5 Speed Scroll
• 20 Return Scroll
• 800k Gold

Web Features
• Profile Page
• Change Password
• Char item look
• Reall Time Server

Special Features

• New Fellow Pets NPC Infectus 

• New Pet For Trade 

• New Vechicle Pets NPC

• New Grap Pets

 • New Avatars 4GoldCoin Alpha Dollars

• Devil 20%Advanced 4GoldCoin Alpha Dollars

• New Premuim 15%

• Global & Reverse & 150% ScrollSpeed & 20% Damge And Def Scroll 4 Gold Coin And Alpha Copper

• New HP & MP 7300 4 Gold Coin Copper Alpha

• New Advance Elixir +3 C & +4 D

• New Advance Elixir +3 C & +4 D

• Astral & Immortal Stones

• New Alpha Stones

------------------------item mall------------------------

 ------------------------New Zone------------------------
  ------------------------New Skills------------------------

.................................................. ............................
Now its your time to start Play Alpha Infectus Online 

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Game Is Best Dg 11 Pvp 4 Ever and New Register Have 10K Silk and Hare Website http://www.topsropvp.com/ can u Downloads Its Now He is Best Thx Me _BrutaLPaiN_ Guild Team FroM Hell Active Member Need Stronge Player FW Bandit Thx PM Me :)

Its already in our website you can visit it here


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