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Pvp Servers

You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

Pve Server

You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

Job Servers

You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

Bots and Tools

You can find here best bot and tools that will help you in game.

Kecero Gaming | D11 | Cap 110 | Low Rates | CH/EU | Free Silk/Hour | Pc Limit | Max Plus | FGW | Battle Arena | CTF | Job Temple | Balanced System | Magic Pop | Special Scrolls | Rank System | Trade System

Welcome to Kecero Gaming. We are proud to present you our 110 Cap Server. After months of developing and researching we are happy to introduce you our Server. are known for their stability, its team and a lot of fun

Syntix Silkroad | Cap 100 | Chinese Only | Ip Limit | CTF | FTW | FGW | Low Rates | Balanced System | Job Based Server | Start Items | Special Job Suit | Custom Titles | Force Skill Modifications | Custom Edits | Auto Plus Notice

We've been in this society for a very long time now, seen ups and downs occur all over the Silkroad era. Obstacles blocked us many times, but we fought on and now we stand together hand in hand offering you unparalleled Silkroad experience.

Skyrix Online | Cap 90 | Job Based | Long Term Server | Daily Events | FGW | Old School Server | Battle Arena | Free Silk/Hour | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Old Pvp Capes | Job System Rewards | New Quests | Model Switcher

•About SkyRIX.
SkYRiX WorlD is a fantasy MMORPG .
SkYRiX WorlD Online is a historical fantasy MMORPG from SilkRoad based System on the history of China along the famous SkYRiX WorlD.