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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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Golden Age Online | D13 | Job Based | Free Silk/Hour | Capture The Flag | Battle Arena | Auto Euipment | Advanced Elixirs | Resurrection Scrolls | Ip Limits | Awakening System | Chinese Balance | Honor Buff | Lottery System | Model Switcher Scrolls | Job Skills | Emoji Skills | Aweaking System | Item Change Scroll | Honor Weapon | Honor System | Free Silk/Unique | Auto Events | New Quests | Hero Quest | Uniques Room | Golden Age Stone | Auto Events

Hello everyone today We Are coming with our different game-play Nowadays There Are More than 1000 Server CH Only

Oraco Online | Cap 120 | Dungeon Based | Job Based | Balanced Server | D12 | Mid Rates | Forgotten World | Capture The Flag | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Survival Arena | Plus Limit | Start Items | Auto Equipment | Special Npc | Emoji Npc | Jupiter Temple | New Areas | Custom Quests | Balanced System | High Trade Rates | Weapons Effect | Pika Event

The Palace Of The Legends ! !
[05.10.2018] Beta Phase
Our beta will start at Friday 5th of October, it will be pretty small in duration as most systems & features are working smoothly since we started from a perfect and very well tested db, Date [20:00GMT+2]

Lumiel-Community | Cap 120 | D13 | 120 Silk | Free Silk/Hour | Job Coins System | CTF | Battle Arena | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Daily Events | Custom Edits | Custom Scrolls | Balanced System |

Welcome to Lumiel-Community. We are proud to present you our 120 Cap Server
After a long journey it is now time for our Lumiel - Community to open officially.

Sapphire | Cap 110 | D11 | Beginner Quest | Mid Rates | Top Players Quest | Jupiter Arena | Saphire Arena | Honor Buff | Magic Pop | Silk Scrolls | Petra Temple | Custom Teleports | Job System | New Trade Route | Job Points | Balanced System | Custom Edits | Hideout World | Garden Temple | Achievment Buffs | New Alchemy Edits | Daily Events

Sapphire is a brand new innovative game which is going to be featured shortly, We are going to offer you a game that we believe that it will raise the bar when it comes to

Anubis Roto Sro | Cap 110 | Reborn System | Max Plus | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Upgrade System | Coin System | New Title System | Unique Kill Reward | CTF | Battle Arena | Start Items | Free Silk | Quiz Event | Daily Events | Balanced System

Hi all welcome to our thread today we are going to introduce our new server created by Roto Team and presented to you.