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Lumiel-Community | Cap 120 | D13 | 120 Silk | Free Silk/Hour | Job Coins System | CTF | Battle Arena | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Daily Events | Custom Edits | Custom Scrolls | Balanced System |

Welcome to Lumiel-Community. We are proud to present you our 120 Cap Server
After a long journey it is now time for our Lumiel - Community to open officially.

Sapphire | Cap 110 | D11 | Beginner Quest | Mid Rates | Top Players Quest | Jupiter Arena | Saphire Arena | Honor Buff | Magic Pop | Silk Scrolls | Petra Temple | Custom Teleports | Job System | New Trade Route | Job Points | Balanced System | Custom Edits | Hideout World | Garden Temple | Achievment Buffs | New Alchemy Edits | Daily Events

Sapphire is a brand new innovative game which is going to be featured shortly, We are going to offer you a game that we believe that it will raise the bar when it comes to

Anubis Roto Sro | Cap 110 | Reborn System | Max Plus | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Upgrade System | Coin System | New Title System | Unique Kill Reward | CTF | Battle Arena | Start Items | Free Silk | Quiz Event | Daily Events | Balanced System

Hi all welcome to our thread today we are going to introduce our new server created by Roto Team and presented to you.

Purity Online | Cap 110 | D11 | Free Silk/Hour | Reborn System | Auto Events | New Features | Free2Play | Max Plus | Forgotten World | Auto Events | Coin System | Purity Token | Honor Rank | Special Shop | Upgrade System | Char Effect Scroll | Balanced System | Custom Teleports | New Areas | New Follow Pets | Auto Pm System | Switch Weapon | Unique Rank | Auto Equipment System

Why Purity Online
After the long wait trying a series of pay to win games, we have found that the best solution is to make a game similar to the original isro with more fun of course!
so we are in that our game is iSro system with better experience, with high capacity , high bandwidth (Free Lag) ,and we always will support you.

Indominus Online | Cap 130 | D14 | Vote4Silk | Ip Limit | Fortress Ip Limit | High Rates | Auto Events | Max Plus | Free Silk/Hour | Vote4Silk | Special Npc | Arabia Update | Unique Kill/Silk | Balanced System | Custom Edits | Daily Events

Why chose to try Indominus Online?
Well you maybe thinking about search for a server 100% Play2Win, and we have work, and think about you, yes you!