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Assassin-Online | D14 | Cap 130 | Coin System | Play2Win | New Area Petra | Free Silk | Wanted System | Lottery System | Survival Area | Awaken System | Custom Scrolls | Facebook System | Daily Reward System | Job War Event | Coin Quests | New Forgotten World System

| Welcome to Assassin-Sro • International server • Unique Game play • Awesome Features |

Server Information
Cap : 130
Degree : D14
Races : Chinese\Europe
Towns : All Town work & New Area Petra
Experience rate : 350x
Party Experience Rate : 400x
Gold Rate : 20x
Job rate : 25x
Alchemy : 1.5x
Free Silk : 5000 Silk
Coin system.
New Skills 130
Top player.
Original Avatars and New Avatars.
Fellow pets.
Custom skill effects.
New unique.
Arabia town / mobs.
Country dragon flags.
Stones at npc.
Battle arena.
New uniques.
Working FTW Jangan,Bandit,Hotan,CT.
Working Guild Icons.
Potions and Pills Stack able to 500.
Enable Advanced Elixirs +2 +3 +4
New Area.
Wanted system
Auto Events (Pvp - Job - Gm Killer )
Daily reward Quest
Union + GUILD Limited
Stall 500B
Upgrade system
Lottery System

Valthea Online | Cap 110 | Free Silks | New Job System | Pvp D11 | Battle Arena | FGW | Coin System | Job War System | New Job Suits | Anti Cheat Buff | Automatic Systems | Auto Events | Wanted System | Job Temple Mobs

Welcome to Valthea's official thread!
I'm proud to finally present to you the server we spent long time
working hard on just to keep it well-established
Valthea online is based on Vsro files
(UTC+02:00) Server time
Server is going to launch 07/05/2014

OldSchool-SRO | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Back To The Old Sro | Play2Win | Automatic Events | Awesome Features | Auto Equip | Low Rates | Alchemy Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Vote4Silk | Ip Limit | Change Name Scroll

Hello PrvSro Community
We want to present you the only OldSchool iSRO-like 80 Cap Server around.
Our plan is to bring the old feelings back to the players, because we all think, that these iSRO times were the bests.
That's why we created this server for you and for us, with just some changes compared to the old times, to have some more fun and balancing in the game.

Avatar-Sro l Cap 130 | D14 l Awesome Features | Free Silk | Instant Lvl 130 | Uniuqe Rank | No Alchemy | New Petra Area | New Avatars | New Uniques | Coin System | Daily Events | New Weapon Effects

Hello everyone, I'd like to let you know that our server : Avatar-sro.
is just launched we are inviting you to join our server as there are alot of fun.


Best And Fair Game Coins System
All Players +20 Adv
All Unique Drop Donate coins
Skills 125 No Bug

Basic info:-
No Alchemy in the server
All players max +12 Sun D14 Items No Adv
Adv +8 in Npc by 1 Gold

EvxSro | Cap 100 | Old School | Daily Events | Free Silk | Pandora Box | CTF | Dedicated Server | FTW | DDos Protection | Battle Arena | Bot Allowed Active Gm's

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - EvxSro Old School (100 Cap)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Eryx Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Job Based | Free Silk/Hour | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Auto Plus Notice | New Quests | Abyss Maze | Coin System | Title System | Daily Events | Emergency Skill

About our first project :
First and foremost, we apologize to everyone about what happened on the first project as it wasn't expected of our database admin that he would have social problems which forced him to leave for us the opening, as for us Eryx's crew, we wanted to see this server as something perfect and complete because all of us came from the community of sro and we really enjoy playing, so we know how it feels to play on a server which is full with bugs and/or downtimes, so we chose to close and set our plans again to start working on our first mistake, now we have a new database admin who joined us and shares with us the same excitement in order to achieve a successful server which will live long, and we hope to see you still supporting us because nobody is born a pro at something, we must fail so we can learn whats the meaning of success and share it with you,
And immediately when we closed our project we refunded everyone who donated via paypal, payment-wall, and paygol, as there was still 150$ which was still not refunded because donators did not ask the service provider to refund them as well as they didnt contact us either, so these people can get their silk when they join us just by contacting us through our facebook page, or skype,
Regards, Eryx crew.

Speed Sro | Cap 130 | D13 | High Rates | Battle Arena | Ctf | Free Silk/Hour | Unique Ranking | Coin System | Custom Npc | Stones Npc | Special Items | Title Name Scroll | Daily Events

General Features:
EXP : 500X
EXP PT : 600X
Job Rate : 100X
Item Drop : 30X .
Gold Drop : 25X .
Alchemy 3X

Server Information
-Server Cap: 130.
- Server Degree: 13.
- Server Instant lvl 130.

Vengeance-Road | Cap 110 | Low Rates | New System | Daily Events | Free Silk/Hour | Max Plus | Start Items Quest | Change Name Scroll | Custom Scrolls | Pk Remover Scroll | Awaken Devil | Npc Scroll | Egy Weapon Quests | Skill Scroll | Custom Edits

Introducing an awesome and rapidly growing online community, full of fun, good times, good friends and attentive GM's.

Here at Direct we take the time out of our busy schedules to make the most fun and addictive server to date. This server doesn't just focus on the high level - old school players. We focus on ALL of our community equally. Which is why we have added new's. We will go into more detail further down the thread.

ZoneSro | Cap 100 | Free Silk | Best Job System | Low Rates | Free Rewards | Ip Limit | Daily Events | Free Moon Items | Special Npc | Automatic Equipment | Automatic Titles | Hero Mode | Coin System | Ranking System

»Welcome To Our Game Zone sro Online»
»Server Information:
Files : vSro Server
Cap : 100
Free Silk : YES
Server Race's : China & Euro
Exp -Sp Rate : 35x
Party Exp Rate : 55x
Gold Drop Rate : 7x
Item Drop Rate : 30x
Alchemy Rate :