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Eryx Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Job Based | Free Silk/Hour | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Auto Plus Notice | New Quests | Abyss Maze | Coin System | Title System | Daily Events | Emergency Skill

About our first project :
First and foremost, we apologize to everyone about what happened on the first project as it wasn't expected of our database admin that he would have social problems which forced him to leave for us the opening, as for us Eryx's crew, we wanted to see this server as something perfect and complete because all of us came from the community of sro and we really enjoy playing, so we know how it feels to play on a server which is full with bugs and/or downtimes, so we chose to close and set our plans again to start working on our first mistake, now we have a new database admin who joined us and shares with us the same excitement in order to achieve a successful server which will live long, and we hope to see you still supporting us because nobody is born a pro at something, we must fail so we can learn whats the meaning of success and share it with you,
And immediately when we closed our project we refunded everyone who donated via paypal, payment-wall, and paygol, as there was still 150$ which was still not refunded because donators did not ask the service provider to refund them as well as they didnt contact us either, so these people can get their silk when they join us just by contacting us through our facebook page, or skype,
Regards, Eryx crew.

 In Game Info            Value
Level cap                    80.
Gear cap                    8th degree.
Skill cap                    80.
Monster cap             80.
Server files              VSRO.
Races                      Chinese.
Sox Type                8D Moon only.
EXP Rate              70x.
Alchemy Rate      1x.
Job Rate                80x.
Gold Drop Rate    5x.
Silk Per Hour        3-2 lvl80 needed.
Auto Equip            Until 7th degree.
Bot                          Allowed.
IP Limit                  3.
opening date        23/April/2014
Server opening time Wednesday 16:00 UTC +01:00

We are proud to introduce to you one of the up coming best gaming flow, Enjoyable & entertaining 80 cap server, In Eryx Online you will never get bored, we brought to you a very balanced server in terms of skills, job system, & other stuff that will make you crave to try, Such as our unique quest system which is based on hunting uniques, getting titles and being famous by our weekly and daily pvp events which will keep you tuned for the whole week and preparing for it,
And our Event Managers team is very friendly without make item authority to assure you fairness & transparency of the game play,
On Eryx Online EM position is no more a showy position, because they are committed to provide you entertainment all day long and the most important thing they are mature enough and they know how to respect the players, not to act like kids with a bit of powers,
Trust us, we are going to present to you something unique something you will love and never get bored of.

Our Mission is:
To present to you a successive server which all members (players & crew) collaborate to make it better place regardless to all server features, this is the bottom line, this what makes a good server and bad server its community, Hoping you give it a try.

  Removed & Disabled Items & Changed stuff in-game.
 Edited Skills:
*Skill needed to be maxed.
Start Items:http://i.epvpimg.com/sTA9f.jpg
 Seal of Eryx NPC & our gear look:
Eryx special npc
Located in hotan
 Female gear
Male gear
The Seal of Eryx Shop includes all the sealed 8degree Seal of Eryx weapons and armor.
Each piece is available at a cumulative coin price.

Plusses auto notice:
Auto notice for pluses starting from +10.

New Quests auto notice:
Quests @ So-ok Jangan
Auto notice
Teleport after achieving it
A new set of quests has been created with different objectives that will earn you different reward types that range from Titles, to Avatars and stacks of special items. The Titles achieved through these quests are temporal and go along with a whole new title management system which is completely automatic. Within the titles for these quests are: Ghost Busters, Soul Reaper, Maze Champion, Eryx Slayer, Novice Hunter, Unique Seeker and Unique Hunter.
*after achieving the quest you need to teleport so the notice announce it.

Abyss Maze
 Here you farm your master skill 100mil sp,
The Abyss Maze includes a default spawn of Abyss Berzerkers that comes along with special Uniques that are new on this release. The Uniques are Abyss Wizard, Str/Int Uniques and the Underworld Spirit,

The Berzekers drop scrolls and silk items,

To enter this area you must have 1 Copper Coin on your inventory at least. Once inside you will just need to survive along with whoever you team up with (as it's extremely hard to survive on your own).

Coin System
Gold Coins:
By participating of jobbing and earning Contribution points you will be doing all you need to be rewarded (apart from re-logging to get them directly onto your storage). There is a limit of 75 Gold Coins achievable per week of jobbing which is reset-ted automatically every Sunday.

Silver Coins:
The Silver Coins are achievable by participating on Capture the Flag events. These happen every 2 hours. There is no limit in regards to the amount of coins you can achieve on Capture the Flag per week, but abusing leads to being banished on the accounts involved on the abuse.

Copper Coins:
Buying them from the npc or you can earn Copper Coins by hunting on the Abyss. The monsters that drop these kind of coins are the Berzerkers mainly but with a bit rare rate.

Iron Coins:
Temple monsters have all a chance of dropping these coins. They are all part of quests on the temple as well that keep the AP Counter going as well,
Those coins could be sold at npc for 25 millions for each unit.

All these Coins can be used to buy special goods or equipment, as this way the systems are kept active by those who usually seek this kind of special items.

Title System
 As the amount of titles achievable in game became long after the addition of new ways of achieving them,
The titles you can achieve are the following:
Grand Marshall: Top Hunter of the week.
Dynasty Merchant: Top Trader of the week.
Bandit King: Top Thief of the week.
Super Sayan: Winner of the Brutal PVP Championships that take place every Saturday which is str's vs int's players 1vs1 competition.
Eryx Slayer: Latest Eryx killer and achieved through a Quest available since level 80.
Imperium Knight: Title for the latest winner of 2vs2 Events.
Int Champion: Title for the winner of the latest weekly IntChampionships.
Str Champion: Title for the winner of the latest weekly StrChampionships.
Maze Champion: Title for the latest slayer of Abyss Wizard.
Novice Hunter: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 1 and that remains for 1 week until you get the next one.
Unique Seeker: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 2 and which remains for 1 week as the first until you achieve the last one.
Unique Hunter: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 3 and which lasts for 1 week as well.
Ghost Buster: Title achieved after completing Ghost Busters quest, it is held by 10 people at a time only.
Soul Reaper: This title is held by the latest Lost Spirit killer, it is achieved through the Ghost Seeker quest.

Daily and Weekly Events
Int/Str Championships: The Championships are held on a daily basis ingame and are organized by Event Managers ingame. The requirements to participate are based on the build of the classes (int or str build) and a title is awarded to the winner of this event.

ExtremePvP: The ExtremePvPs are started by Event Managers daily and require a pair amount of participants only as the size depends on the amount of online players. The reward for winning on this event is of a title that you may keep until the next event is organized the day after.

JobWar Events: The JobWar Events are organized not daily but more than once per week. Whenever a JobWar is initialized, the jobbers will be teleported to Roc Summit until the subscriptions are closed, then a war with kill logger happens and in the end a random reward is granted to the top killers along with a Title for their achievement.

Organized GuildWars: Time to time when there are guilds ingame playing to be the best over another, a Guild War will be organized between them that will result in a group reward to the active online members of the winning guild. This happens without needing to engage on trade with the GM as the reward is granted automatically on your storage.

Job Temple Unique Spawns: The Unique Spawns are scripted to happen based on the AP Counter that you keep going with the quests of each Job Type inside. The Uniques drop special items that you can only get there so you better earn your place there with your friends.

Battle Arenas: The Battle Arena is enabled and set to happen frequently for short rounds. The Points matches are enabled and Flag Matches disabled.

Super Sayan: The Super Sayan Events are PvPs organized every Monday and lvl 80 players with a respectable set are let in to keep the matches balanced. The winner of all matches is claimed as the best PvPer for a week after being granted the Super Sayan title.

Blood of Eryx Seal
BOE weapons drop-able from uniques
http://i.epvpimg.com/1yK4g.jpgSpearhttp://i.epvpimg.com/mu9lh.jpgBowhttp://i.epvpimg.com/ADiZb.jpg Blood of Eryx is a seal obtained as a drop from Eryx Unique, the Temple Uniques and the Abyss Witch. The BOE weapons is the trade-able weapon in game.

Emergency Skill
Emergency Skills



The Master Skills are skills available on every mastery that are worth each 100m Skill Points to be farmed in the abyss maze because every monster there gives huge amount of sp, And this skill can be used once every 12 hours. These skills have high power and new visuals that will leave you impressed with the effects and damage.

 The entrance to the temple is changed to the Abyss tunnels on Taklamakan with level restriction and job restriction as well,
Mobs inside it drops silk items & iron coins and the uniques drop moon weapons.


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