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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


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Wild Silkroad Online | Cap 110 | Pure System | D11 | Free Silk | High Rates | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Bot Limit | 3 Pages Inventory | Magic Room | Magic Pop | Job Temple | Special Items | Honor Buff Scroll | FGW | Daily Events | Custom Scrolls

Welcome to Wild Silkroad Online
Pure system degree 11
Opening date: 19/5/2015 - 11:00 PM (GMT +2)

Monster Sro | Cap 110 | CH&EU | D11 | Mid Rates | Coin System | Daily Events | Battle Arena | Special Npc | Special Items | Custom Edits | New Features | New Avatars

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Monster Sro Online (Cap 110)

Snake Online | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Old Job System | Low Rates | Blanaced Skills | Free Silk/Hour | Coin System | Max Plus | Custom Scrolls | Auto Plus Notice | Bugs Solution | Custom Edits | Special Npc

Hello All ,
Today I Will Introduce to you a Simple Game With Easy System That i hope all to Like It
First  We Need to Give Some Guides points As To Start

R2SRO | Cap 100 | Med Rates | Old School Server | Ip Limit | Ban Hammer | Start Items | Fortress War | Jewel Box Event | CTF | Token System | New Zerk Quests | Custom Edits | Daily Events

R2SRO | Introduction
Xcution PlayDeff presents SRO - Private Sever (Cap 100) . If you like the server bring your friends and start conquer the Xcution PlayDeff World. Can you become Emperor or Empress? Show other players your skills and start becoming a Legend!
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