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Silkroad Private Servers

Legend World Online | Cap 140 | Mops 140 l Baghdad l D15 | Free Silk | Start Items | New Avatars | New D15 Stones | New Weapon Effect | New Glows | Green Zerk | Legend Hit | Bone Roc Room | New Unique Zones | Const Ftw | Coin System | Lucky Area | Awaken System | Died Super Scroll

Server Information
PvE Server
Lvl Cap : 140
Skill Cap : 140
Gear Cap : 130
Start Area : Legend Town
Free 1m Silk 

Name                       Rate             Description
Experience Rate       200x         Exp rate is high, it is the most appropriate exp rate for 130 cap server. It doesn't take ages to level up to the maximum level. But in the other hand you can't reach the maximum level in just 1-2 hour as well.
Skill Points Rate     300x         This sp experience rate is high enough to help you level up with small gap, we're also giving 1m sp on the start of the game, so you will really not have to worry about being Full Farmed when reaching 130.
Gold drop Rate      10x            A good gold drop rate to help you get enough gold to be able to buy equipment from npc and other important things such as pots/pills etc. We made gold drop rate pretty low because trades are important.
Drop Rate              25x           Our drop rate promises to not let you down. Its not the rate that will give you everything you were expecting to have in just a day, but it won't disappoint you as well! 
Trade Rate            5x              We've completely changed the trade reward to LE Coin (Restart Required). Its like we're forcing you to make trades.
Alchemy Rate        3x            The most appropriate alchemy rate. It is difficult enough to keep you trying your equipment and not reach a satisfying plus value in a small amount of tries. It won't drive you mad as well since its not being that terrible as well also success rate is. Keep in mind that premium, lucky stones and lucky avatar and Lucky Buff will give you more possibilities to success.

100m Gold
All Of Egy D14 Weapons
10x Speed 200%
50x Lws Reverse Scroll
1kx Hp Recovery Potion [ x-large ]
1kx Mp Recovery Potion [ x-large ]
50x Instant Return Scroll
10x Resurrection Scroll
Rare Black Angel Avatar

• New Avatars
Water Spirit Dress
Water Spirit
Red Scourge
Red Scourge
Janissary Armor
Janissary Armor
Blue Soul Knight
Blue Soul Knight
New Halloween 2013
New Halloween 2013
New Arabia 2013
New Arabia 2013
Ghost Captain 2013
Ghost Captain
Legend Knight
War Lord Armor Shard
WarLord Armor Shard
Grey Dragon Soul Armor
Grey Dragon Soul Armor
Skill Dress
Grey Dragon Soul Armor
Assassin's Dress
Grey Dragon Soul Armor
Speed Arabian Dress
Grey Dragon Soul Armor • New Uniques
Arabia Khulood
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Karkadann
Arabia Uniques
Abshad Force Royal Officer
Arabia Uniques
Job Unique
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Dark Guardian
Arabia Uniques
Arabia jalliaza
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Devil Spore
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Garm
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Wendigo
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Void Devil
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Toad Stool
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Spirit
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Berserk
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Koko
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Solide
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Goat Demon
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Guard
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Hunter
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Knight
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Mage
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Ong
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Penon
Arabia Uniques
Arabia Planer
Arabia Uniques • You Can Put 10 Str-Int Blue For D15 Not Only 8 
At Legend World Online You Can But 10 Int-Str Blue At D15 Item's !!!
Green Zerk  • New D15 Stones
Magic stone of Sharpness (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Iron Shield (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Guardian (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Devil (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Abyss (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Incandescence (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Sorrow (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk
Magic stone of Iron Heard (Lvl.15)
Green Zerk• New Weapon Effect
New Awesome Effect :D
Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques • Green Zerk
New Green Zerk With Damage 20% Increase
Green Zerk• Legend Hit
Now Critical Hit Changed To [ Legend Hit ] And Increase Hit Damage 10%
Legend Hit Legend Hit • New Titles
For More Info In Game
You Can Get Le Coins By Entering The CTF (Flag Event) or Kill Ball At Jangan South Or Do a Quest Name Crab For More Information Look Our Guide In Our Website
• New Awaken System
Buy Any Died Item From This Npc
Arabia Uniques
I Choose Died Super Scroll
Arabia Uniques
And Now Go To Baghdad To Collect Awaken Card's
Arabia Uniques
Kill the Mop's And Collect 3~4 Card's
Arabia Uniques
Go Back To Jangan
Arabia Uniques
Talk With The Awaken Machine
Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques
Choose Awaken Coupon For Scroll's [ Because I Choose Died Scroll ]
Arabia Uniques
Then Play
Arabia Uniques
My Luck Is good Succ From The First Time :D
Arabia Uniques
And Now Talk with awaken System Exchanger
Arabia Uniques
Now You Get 1 Of The 4 Item's which We Need
Arabia Uniques
And Now go To The Phantom Desert To Get The Other Item's
Arabia Uniques
Go To Arabian Karkadann Area
Arabia Uniques
Attack The Karkadann And Kill It
Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques
You Will find the Other Item Drop From This Uniqe
Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques
Collect The Unit's Of This Item's
Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques Arabia Uniques
And Now Press [ Y ] Then Choose Manufacture
Arabia Uniques
But The Died Item
Arabia Uniques
But All Other Item's
Arabia Uniques
Press Manufacture
Arabia Uniques
You Will find Your Item Alive Now :D
Arabia Uniques • Lucky System
Teleport To Lucky Area From Jangan
Lucky System
Go And Kill Lucky Man
Lucky System
Take His Drop " Test Your Luck "
Lucky System
Test Your Luck Item
Lucky System
After You Collect 50 Of Test Your Luck Item Go To LegendTown
Lucky System
Talk With Lucky Machine
Lucky System
Choose Any One Of this " Good Luck "
Lucky System
Im Choose Number 20 xD
Lucky System
Lucky System
Now You Will Reserve Lucky Reward Hope to be Huge Reward Hahahaha .
Lucky System
Lucky System
Choose The Number Which You Coise Again " Im Choise Number 20 xD "
Lucky System
And Now Press Reward xD
Lucky System
Oh Im Get Only 134659 Gold :(
Lucky System
Auto murder punishment
Automatic Ban System to the murder player
Wanted Hero System
Wanted Hero Title With Job When U Kill 10 or more
Coins per hour
You will start to get Coins per hour when you get level 130
all low levels chars won't get any Coins per hour
Capture the flag
12 times per day. every 2 hours
-Who doesn't like CTF? We think everyone does, thats the
reason we have enabled it. From ctf you will receive LE coin, will give further information later on.
Battle Arena
you will receive LE coins from it
24 times per day. every 1 hour "Different Type Arenas" 24hrs a day! & more
Max Plus +20 No Advanced
Magic Cube removed
Guild & Union Emblem Working
Trade disabled at Alexandria to avoid cheating
Honor buffs removed but there is Honor BUff 15 Hours In Npc For LE Coins
- We've added 5 seconds delay to global's to avoid spam also it require level 130 to use globals.
- We've added new coin " LE Coin ".
You can get this coins by killing Ball at jangan south or CTF per kill or From Trade Job or Thief Job or Daily Reward System etc...
also there is quest which will give you 20 LE coins.
It can be used in Legend Town to get alot of items.
- We've added new so-ok event beside capture the flag,
Happy event, which will give you more fun
you can get free avatars, scrolls from it.

• Room For Plvl [ 1~50 ]
• Room For Plvl [ 50~101 ]
• Arabian Uniqes Cave
• Lucky Area
• [GM]s Room
• Gaint Over Lord Room
• Bone Roc Room
• Legend Town
• Baghdad
• Legend Boss Room
• Colosseum Area
• Boss Babies Room
• Petra Area
• Garden Area
• Jupiter
Now Jupiter Temple Mops Lvl Changed To Lvl 131 ~ 140 [ D14 Stones Drop From This Mops ]
131 ~ 140
Fortress Name             Status
Jangan                         Working
Bandit                          Working
Hotan                          Working
Constantinople          Working

Server specifications
Ram 32GB
DDos Protection Yes
Internet Down/Up link 1Gb/s
Location France
Processor Intel® Core i7-920 Quad-Core

Language Support
Language       Availability
English              Yes
Arabic               Yes
Spanish             No
Portuguese       No
Dutch                No
Turkish              No
German             Yes
Romanian         Yes

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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server down since yesterday? is it true. even website down. what happen.

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