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Forsaken Online | Cap 120 | D14 | Auto Events | Rebirth | 3 Legendary Sets | Jupiter Temple | New Fellow Pets | Vote4Silk | Event Area | New Alchemy System | Custom Npc | Stones Npc | Coin System | New Uniques

Hello ,I'd like to announce our server - Forsaken Online ( Cap 120 )
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Clash-Sro | Cap 110 | Free Silk | High Rates | Battle Arena | Magic Pop | Coin System | Premium Silk | Lucky Magic Powder | Special Stones | New Job System | Wanted Mode | Balanced Black Res | Daily Events | Pure System

There are too many private servers with this name " Clash-Sro "but we don't belong for any of this , Lets Start
Server opening time " 27/1/2015 " ( 12:00 ~ 2:00 AM GMT+2)

Warriors Online | Cap 100 | D10 | Old School | Play2Win | Free Silk/Hour | Old System | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | New Npc | Premium Shop | Coin System | Title Scrolls | New Pets Npc | Special Avatars | Forgotten World | Holy water Temple | Balanced System

To day i will Introduce to Us a new Game With Old System That All Like it And we Work On That Game To much to Make It Not Best But Good At all
So Lets Start 

BlueMoon Online l Cap 255 l Pvp D20 l Automatic Events | Balanced Server | New Quests | Free Silk/Hour | Ip Limit | Custom Edits | Mastery Scrolls | Wanted System | Auto Plus Notice | Hero System | Automatic Events | New Systems | Pvp Event | Job War Event

| Welcome to Blue Moon • International server |
About Our System
You Will Find Fun With Our System At The Next :-
1- Pvp With Degree 20 Items May You Think That's Over Damage But We Make Balance With Hp-Mp So It Will Be So Funny

Hooligans Sro | Pvp Cap 120 | D13 Pvp Server | New Skills | New Uniques | Coin System | Free Silk | Daily Events | Auto-Events | High Trade Job | Battle Arena | Ctf | Fgw | Custom Npc | Rare Items | Friendly Team

Hello, We would like to introduce Hooligans Online. A PVP server that brings a marvelous experience for its players. With instant Level 120 and Starter Shop, our new players will have no trouble in getting started!

Eryx Online | Fiadora | Cap 80 | Coin System | Job Based | Low Rates | Auto Equip | Ip Limit | Disabled Features | Ctf | Battle Arena | New Uniques | Title System | Daily Events | Emergency Skill | Blood Weapons | Special Npc | Abyss Maze | Job Temple | New Quests

Server opening time Friday 20:00 UTC +01:00

Why Fiadora:
He is one of our players who tragically passed away, we decided to rename our server from Aetna to Fiadora to keep him in our minds and lives,