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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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You can find here best bot and tools that will help you in game.

•Lyssa New Pvp Server Cap 100• instant level 100, 10m sp

Hey guys, so Lyssa online opened a new server, which is a pvp server cap 100 (instant level 100, 10m sp).

If you had an account on the old Lyssa server (Exilium), you can use it on the new server (ofc characters you had there won't be there on the PvP server).

Server name is "Lyssa Pvp", there's actually 1000 slots, which will be increased if it's needed.

For now, hotan map is disabled, we'll enable it when there'll be more players, atm we think it's better to have only jangan and bandit fortress on, so more people will fight for it

When you create a character it'll be in Jangan, with 50 reverses, 20 instant return scrolls, 50m golds, Devil spirit A grade (+1) for female and male and a premium with 5% bonuses, and str/int +3. There are the npc's with donator items there (sun).

Donation coins cost 10 silks each, can be bought only by packs of 25 (so 250 silks).

Sos+5 fb items are in donwhang npc's (weapons, set, access). Potions cost 1 golds, stackable by 1000.

Stones (0% assimilations) are in jangan grocery npc (name changed to Grocery Alchemy Time).

Few teleports have been added into jangan teleporter.

Pro Gamers area is the donwhang cave, with edited monsters to level 100, with some high damage and about 38k hp, which makes them harder (uniques like yarkan, shaitan, cerberus and ivy spawn in the cave, as hotan and euro map is disabled). "Noob Farm Area" are the jangan cave with normal monsters there, to get some elixirs.

PvP Area (large) got a new npc to repair, buy potions, speed drugs, arrows/bolts.

PvP Area (small) also got it

About events : there will be different events with rewards(pvp tournaments, maybe some uniques if people want it, and HnS). Rewards will probably be Som+5 items (instead of sos+5 at npc), or avatars.

Making a bot party to farm elixirs won't be allowed, and if we see your ip running more than 2 chars they'll be banned (also to avoid buffing at pvp zone with your own chars).

Fortress will be twice a week : wednesday at 18:30 (gmt+1) and saturday at 18:30 (gmt+1).

Current GMs : [GM]OskannA - [ADMIN]Rileee - [GM]Raphael - [GM]ShadowSoul
I hope many people will join us and have a great time on our new server

pSRO has released Legened II Cap 130 D13

This The Frist Private Server Open D13 Before Any Server

This Game Open From 10 Month and will Stay Open For Ever

Server Info:
server located in USA
Exp\Sp Rate : 120X
Party Exp\Sp: 150X
Gold \ Drop Rate : 50X
lvl Cap : 130
Skill Cap: 130
Gear Cap: D13
Weapon's Cap : D13
Party Matching : 1>>130


New +11 Glow

New +12 Glow

New Chine Skill Like Silkroad R

Full D12 Set

Full D13 Set


New Item For Help The New Player's

{New Item Mall}

New Avatar's


New Pet's      

New Devil's

New ect's

Grey Wolf in Shop

[ Full Jupter Working ]

ऋँ New Town D13 ऋँ

Web Site :Here

Reg & Change Pw :Here

Download links


PSRO Page From Here
PSRO Group From Here

[SROStar] FULL PVP Server Start Level : 120 skill D13 , 2 servers Only Chinese


start Level : 120
Skill Cap: 120
EXP & SP : 400x
Party EXP : 450x
Gold : 80x
Drop Rate : 160x
Job Exp : 80x
Party Matching till Lv 200
Gear Cap: 13th Degree
Weapon Cap: 13th Degree
Race: Chinese and European ( server 2 ) Only Chinese ( server 1 )
Autopot: Yes
All Event Work
Magic Pop: Yes
Alchemy: Yes
Arena: Yes
FW: Yes(Every Friday)
Bot Allowed

The Start Items:
- Weapons D12 Son+1
- Accesories D12 Son+1
- Devil Sprit (28 Days)
- Premium Plus
- Grab pet (28 Days)
- Frozen Ice Flakes ( Quantity 10)
- Santa Set
- Pandora's Box (Quantity 1)
- Exp Scrolls 50% (Quantity 3)
- 10M Gold
- 10M Skill point
- Lv120

Stones D11/D12 ----> Jangang Jewel Shop "Each Stone=500k"

Coming Soon:
- 10k arrows at npc
- 1k pots hp/mp at npc
- Forgotten world to lvl 120
- elixirs stackable to 50

There is no media.pk2 file cozz you will get some errors, and crash and some other problems like can't see the 120 skill etc....so u need to get the full client.

SroStar silkroad private server auto 120-maxSP Weapon - armor 12D

Website :
Full automatic website.
rank page like rev6 ( Set points, set viewing ... ) score set , Unique killed by players ... top unique killed players.

Website : www.srostar.com

I hope to see you play here soon ...

LightRoad Cap110 ~ FW ~ CFW ! ! ! Vote4Silk 300 silk

SERVER RATES: [Exp: 300x][SP: 300x][Gold: 50x][Drop: 200x][FREE SILK] Max level 110, Chinese/European. Arena, FW, CFW etc.

This is LightRoad - Silkroad Online Private server
Client Version : 1.205
Server Rates

Level Cap: 110
Uptime: 99,99%
Exp Rate : 300x
Sp Rate : 300x
Gold Rate : 50x
Drop Rate : 200x
Alchemy Rate : 2.5x
Blue Drop Rate:2x
Elixir Drop Rate:3x
Sox drops:3x
Start Items


All functionability enabled
Race : Both Chinese and European
Silks: You can earn for free by advertising LightRoad and Vote for server.
Server Capacity: 1000

We care about our community, we don't ignore you and we will always try to keep every player we can happy.


GuildWar Championship
PVP Tournament Events
Daily unique events
Hide'n'Seek event
Website events
and many many more


Official Website: LightRoad
Registration: Account Management « LightRoad
Download: Download « LightRoad

Dymer Online ~ Chinese Only ~ 80cap ~ No Lag ~ Oldschool Server

80 cap Chinese Only server, bugless, lag-less, active community and low silk prices. Donate by SMS, Elements at NPC, Gold Dragon Flag at NPC, Old Job Suits at NPC, all Avatars at Item Mall and much much more join us now, you won039t regret it

We are glad to present to you the Release of our 80cap Chinese only Private Server. This server was released before as a Beta due to the major changes that had to be done in order to fully implement a trade-centered system that benefits an active non-botting community, and the changes have been made effectively so now we present to you the Release of Dymer Online.

The specifications of the gameplay are the following:
  • Fortress War Enabled.
  • Europe disabled completely.
  • Elements @ NPC.
  • Alchemy Materials removed from drops.
  • Starter 3-day Grabpet, 10m Gold and 100k Skill Points.
  • Stackable elixirs/potions/pills to a limit of 1.000 units.
  • Trade rates increased by 200x.
  • Grabpet Inventory increased to 140 slots.
  • Website Rankings with a Custom Title reward System for the best weekly hunter/thief/trader.
  • Stackable limit of arrows increased to 10k.
  • SUN in NPC at Hotan Weapon and Protector sellers.
  • All the systems are working without any type of bug.
  • Unique spawn rate increased, and online Unique Killing tables present in the website.
  • Character Stat page ready, Inventory and Skills are in development.
  • Online chat with support for mobile devices and a nickname assigning system that lets you select which character’s name you would like to use to chat.
  • Donations through Paypal and SMS at very low prices.
  • Immortal/Astral silk prices reduced to 30silk for 8dg (instead of 60).
  • Gold Dragon Flag and Old Job Suits available at NPC.
  • Much, much more to come.

The rates of the server are the following:

  • Experience: 35x
  • Gold Drop: 1x
  • Trade Goods: 200x
  • Alchemy: 2x
  • Skill Points: 40x
  • SOX Drops: 0.5x
  • Item Drops: 35x

The Dedicated Server specifications are the following:
  • Intel Core i7 (6 x 3,20 GHz)
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 80 GB SSD
  • 2000 GB Hard Disk
  • 100Mbit/s port
  • 100Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth
  • Hourly Backups

The website where you can find everything needed to play: DymerOnline - Silkroad

Some user-made videos of our server published in the forums:
 Some notes:

We do NOT sell any type of equipment, only silk as it should be.

Use the website's chat if you need any type of help.

The changes made to the server are made with respect to the Threads created on the Suggestions Forum.

Any other type of contact or questions can be sent to the following in-boxes:
+Website Questions: insane@dymeronline.com
+Game Related Questions: info@dymeronline.com

Any reports are submitted in the Forums, and action is taken immediately if any proof is presented of inadequate behavior.

Botting is allowed for 1 account at the time, but the profit of botting is none as the gold drop rates have been set low to prevent gold-botting, and SOX drop rate was reduced instead of increased to prevent SUN-botters. If any user is spotted botting with multiple accounts, be free to report them. If a user is caught multi-botting by any staff member, an account deletion would be issued immediately. (beware)

Thank you for taking your time and reading this, if you did, and welcome to our community if you decide to play on our server.

RubyRoad International Server Grand Opening Cap 120, 13D

Server Info
Client Translation : 99% English Translation
You can now vote and be rewarded with rubies..
Degree 12 Stones at the NPC - Grocery Jangan.

Server Files: VSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World
Skills: All Working - Status, Duration, KB, KD, ect
Pets: All working
Maps: All areas working
Avatars: Working
Forgotten World for 120 - Working
Jupiter temple - Working
Alchemy for 13D - Working
Shop+13d items on Shop (you can buy with Arena coin)
Nova 12D SoX Items have a high chance of dropping from Jupiter Mobs
Guild/Union Emblem: Working
CTF: Working
FW: Working
FGW: Working
Xtrap: Disabled

Server RubyRoad:
Level Cap: 120
Item Level Cap : 130
Experience/Sp Rate: 100
Experience/SP Party Rate: 150
Gold Rate : 10
Item Rate : 80
Europe/Chines: Both.
Alchemy Succes Rate: Increased in stages - 100% untill +4.

Website: Homepage
Forum: Client 1.222
Register Page : Create Account

We have most of the countries covered with our payment system (besides paypal).

Some of the in game options/items might have some slight changes.

Custom Titles - You can win them at one of our daily events.

Grand Alchemist------------------Pharaoh
Battle Master------------------Templar
Soul Reaper------------------Oracle
China/European Master------------------Spadasin

And many more of those only available on our server.

Fire Shiled Emperor - Level Fixed

Devill Shaitan Avatar [New]

[Demon Shaitan Outfit Front]

[Demon Shaitan Outfit Back]

ArchAngel Avatar[New]

ArchAngel Avatar Back


- The " Demon Shaitan Outfit " consists of ' Demon Shaitan Helm (M)', Demon Shaitan Armor (M)', Demon Shaitan Accessory
(M)' for male and Demon Shaitan Helm (F)', Demon Shaitan Armor (F)', ' Demon Shaitan Accessory (F)' for female.
- The "Archangel Wing Outfit" consists of 'Archangel Wing Hat(M)','Archangel Wing (M)' for male and 'Archangel Wing Hat(F)','Archangel Wing (F)' for female.
- The number and type of magic options that can be added to the avatar items differs depending on the item.
- There are avatar items for both male and female, so please check the gender of your character before making a purchase.

Alchemy for Devill Spirit [New]

Angel Spirit [New]

[Rates: 100x,Party:150x] • Level Cap 120•Gear 13D •Autopot Works • No Lag • No Crowded Channels •Light Botting Allowed • Automatic and Fast Donation System •Daily Updates•Newest Items• Join Today the Best SRO Server Out there