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[Release] jreBot vSRO Testing

I decided to make this version "Lite" since most of the features were hard to make work correctly in all servers for many reasons (different npc data, different stackable quantitys, etc). Original thread of the rsro bot i'm still working on: [rSRO] jreBot Testing
The bot should support skills up to lvl 120, items up to 13dg, and all mobs from glory rome server :P

Download (including source): jreBot_Lite vSRO_0.1.rar


- Download and extract the .rar package wherever you want
- Set ip of the server your playing in proxy\phConnector.xml (between <GatewayIP></GatewayIP>)
- Start jrebot.exe, it will autolaunch/hide phConnector (and generates random ports for multibotting)
- Go to "Start Client" page, locate your sro_client.exe and hit launch (you can also use edxLoader for multiclienting)
- Log in normally in silkroad, configuring the bot should be pretty obvious


- Caves not supported yet
- Administrator permission required in Windows vista / 7
- The bot requires Download: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

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this isn't a source is it? a source would include a project to recompile.

bot very good but i want to insert more tab buff
if add other name by player to buff , then i can kill player for pvp . i can help me . thanks.

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