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UltraOnline-13th Gear 120Cap High Rate with more gifts

Dear Community,

We are owners Ultra Online and i want to introduce our Server. We added to much Avatars in the Item Mall and you're able to Buy Silks. I hope we have a lot of fun together! See you In game.


Our Job:
- Added drug speed 300%.
- Added new Grap pet .
- Added Angel Spirt.
- Added new skills for CH-EU .
- Added Mobs 125-130 dropping 13th Gear .( Hall of worship )
- Added ADV 13th for Item Mall ( +3 - +4 )
- Added HP&MP 1120 to NPC .

Server Rates :
- Exp : 200x
- Exp Party 250x
- Gold rate 50x
- Drop rate 70x
- Sox rate 25x
- Alchemy: From +4 you have a very high chance to get your item +7. And from +8 to +11 too.
- All maps work.
- All events work

Start Items :

New update :
- Will add new attack pet u can summon it and attacking .

Homepage : Ultra Online Home - Page

Download Links :




i forget say GMs is so friendly

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