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UnitedSRO Online 11D PVP Server.

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce our newest PVP server : UnitedSRO.

UnitedSRO Online Main Website.
UnitedSRO Registration Page
UnitedSRO Download Links

Details :
-1000 Slots
-Dedicated Server
-Instant lvl 110
-Lag free
-Nova +5 FullBlue sets, accessories, shields, weps can be bought at NPC's in DW
-Stones can be bought at npc in Jangan
-lvl 110 berzerk quest for eu and ch
-Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Alexandria N and S are available
-Daily events with nice rewards
-Active & Friendly GMs
-Fortress war (HT,JG,Bandit) is working.
[Fortress War takes place every Wednesday and Sunday at 18:00:00.
The registration period is at the same day from 00:00:00 until 17:30:00.]
-Battle Arena + Capture the flag + FGW are working.
-FGW Dimension Pillars are available at Donwhang NPC (Goods)
-Stackable Potions up to 10k, Stackable elixirs (Elixirs=Next update.)

Start with:
-10m sp
-10k(Everything is either 1 gold or 0) start gold
-4 week premium gold time
-50 Reverse return scrolls
-Devil Spirit

Main GMs:
-[GM]Nejl (Owner,Main Admin & Coder.)
-[GM]Killerboy / Killaboy (Owner,Main Admin & Coder.)
-[GM]Neo a.k.a. [GM]Kreax
~You will also find [GA]s whom you can trust & ask for help.

Some screenshots :

Donations info will be added later.
And I can ensure you that this Server's staff team is NOT corrupted. (Not even 1 gold.)
Good Luck & Have Fun.
Best regards.

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