ft SroLatino Server Delta Beta Test (2 Weeks) Free Silk ~ New Fellow Pet ~ Angel Spirit ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

SroLatino Server Delta Beta Test (2 Weeks) Free Silk ~ New Fellow Pet ~ Angel Spirit

I know it say "Latino" in the name but all can play
This beta is for test the new update in "SroLatino Servers".

When you start you will get:
- 900k SP's
- 10b Gold
- 5k Silk

EXP/SP: 300X
Party: 350X
Drop: 200X
Gold: 200X
Rare Drop: 10X
Forgotten World 111~120: 100% Prob Tickets

Reg: Silkroad Latino - Beta server test

Mirror2: http://srolatino-servers.com/descarg...d%20Latino.exe

1Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?d3gdfopeu1aa5ea
3 Links: Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?31d86ryn1lgbg85
Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?63wp7jvv7r1c6st
Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j3252ltd5k1r53r

New Update:

- New visual aspects (Thanks to Dracula and DJRaaz)

- Cap 120

- New Skills

- Mastery Updated

- Weapons D12 (Neccesary level 111)
Pics: Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire

- Weapons D12 Legendary (Neccesary level116)
Pics: D12Legend.rar

- Armor D12 (Neccesary level 111~113) (Nova 111)
Pics: ArmaduraD12.rar

- Jupiter Temple
Pics: Jupiter.rar
Note: Mobs of dimension jupiter drop items D12 and Nova too.

- Forgotten World 111~120
Pics: FGW111~120.rar
This FGW have a unique quest. You complete the colection and you will get D12 Legendary weapon (Check rar of pics)

- New Fellow Pets.

- New Grab Pets

- New Transports

- Unique's Scrolls

- Pots XX-Large

- Job Jangan > Hotan

- Guild and job dont have waiting time.

- Bandit Fortress > Dowhang

- D10~D11 at NPC

- Added Lucky Power D12,Astral and Inmortal D12

- Angel Spirits

- New avatar's

- Premium dimension hole's without waiting time.

New NPC "SroLatino Shop" is in all major cities Const, Samar, Downhang, Jangan, Hotan
Sell ​​old avatars for the same amount of credits but with a condition with 500m gold.
Sell ​​elixirs, scrolls of uniques, and coins hole extra dimension.

- New NPC "PvP Zone" apart from now the GA's foster PvP in the city of Samarkand.
This new NPC is perfect to help in PvP has everything you need scrolls, potions of speed, hp, mp, pills, etc so you do not have to go shopping in the city if it runs out.

- Best Mall Update

SroLatino Servers Beta Test ~ Informacion ~ Links De Descarga - Sro Latino Servers

I leave each day advances

I will update this post because as of now the server is off so I can work. I'll leave it on at night and for events such as the FW (Although capable of tomorrow will be the last).

Lo nuevo:

- New Zones

~ Hall Of Gods

In altar's of yuno will apear Yuno in Mode God.

In Jupiter Temple will apear Jupiter in Mode God

~ Zealots Hideout

~ New Uniques in Jupiter Field

- Champions and Gigants appear in Jupiter



- Skills Blade

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