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•Lyssa New Pvp Server Cap 100• instant level 100, 10m sp

Hey guys, so Lyssa online opened a new server, which is a pvp server cap 100 (instant level 100, 10m sp).

If you had an account on the old Lyssa server (Exilium), you can use it on the new server (ofc characters you had there won't be there on the PvP server).

Server name is "Lyssa Pvp", there's actually 1000 slots, which will be increased if it's needed.

For now, hotan map is disabled, we'll enable it when there'll be more players, atm we think it's better to have only jangan and bandit fortress on, so more people will fight for it

When you create a character it'll be in Jangan, with 50 reverses, 20 instant return scrolls, 50m golds, Devil spirit A grade (+1) for female and male and a premium with 5% bonuses, and str/int +3. There are the npc's with donator items there (sun).

Donation coins cost 10 silks each, can be bought only by packs of 25 (so 250 silks).

Sos+5 fb items are in donwhang npc's (weapons, set, access). Potions cost 1 golds, stackable by 1000.

Stones (0% assimilations) are in jangan grocery npc (name changed to Grocery Alchemy Time).

Few teleports have been added into jangan teleporter.

Pro Gamers area is the donwhang cave, with edited monsters to level 100, with some high damage and about 38k hp, which makes them harder (uniques like yarkan, shaitan, cerberus and ivy spawn in the cave, as hotan and euro map is disabled). "Noob Farm Area" are the jangan cave with normal monsters there, to get some elixirs.

PvP Area (large) got a new npc to repair, buy potions, speed drugs, arrows/bolts.

PvP Area (small) also got it

About events : there will be different events with rewards(pvp tournaments, maybe some uniques if people want it, and HnS). Rewards will probably be Som+5 items (instead of sos+5 at npc), or avatars.

Making a bot party to farm elixirs won't be allowed, and if we see your ip running more than 2 chars they'll be banned (also to avoid buffing at pvp zone with your own chars).

Fortress will be twice a week : wednesday at 18:30 (gmt+1) and saturday at 18:30 (gmt+1).

Current GMs : [GM]OskannA - [ADMIN]Rileee - [GM]Raphael - [GM]ShadowSoul
I hope many people will join us and have a great time on our new server

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