Silkroad Private Servers

[SRO-R] X-Gaming Silkroad - Revolution [XG-SRO] UNIQUE REBIRTH SYSTEM

Server Rates:

-UNIQUE REBIRTH SYSTEM with 6.000 Rebirths
-EXP Rate: 292x
-Party EXP Rate: 344x
-Gold Rate: 21x
-Item Drop Rate: 50x
-SoX Drop Rate: 250% up
-Alchemy Rate: 450% up
-Job Rate: 2200% up

Server info:

-Something UNIQUE (we implemented a rebirth system in silkroad)
-1000 Slots (will be increased if needed)
-110 cap PvPvE config (ever wanted to farm a big boss solo ?)
-11 D (we feel silkroad gameplay is better at 110 cap so we won't extend it unless it's rly needed)
-Lag FREE! (the server is running on 2 servers connected at 1 GBit/s each)


-UNIQUE REBIRTH SYSTEM with 6.000 Rebirths
-Most advanced Timed Ranking System, with a precision of 1 MIN
-Item Forge (you can build your own item, just the way you need it, and buy it with VP or XP, this is one of the most advanced systems we ever built and it will amaze you )
-A way to convert some ingame items to VP on the website (in character pannel)
-Website Lottery Script
-Alchemy rate increased (we actually understand how it works not just multiply it )
-SoX rate increased (multiplied with 2.5)
-Job rate increased (multiplied with 22)

Current Development:

-Rework of the rebirth system (want to make it dynamic)


X-Gaming Silkroad - Revolution

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