ft [Dedicated] CrystalElite Private Server - How To's, Questions, Discussions cap100 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[Dedicated] CrystalElite Private Server - How To's, Questions, Discussions cap100

~Site and Download~
Download Crystal SRO 2012 rar
Torrent Dowload:
Silkroad Registration
Download FTP ( Max Speed)

~Server Info~
Exp Rate: x40
Party Exp Rate: x45
Drop Rate: x10
Gold Drop Rate: x10
Sox Drop Rate: x2
Alchemy : x2
Race: CH and EU
Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
JOB prices: x30
JOB profit: x2
Server Capacity: 1000
Auto Potion: Work
Magic Pop: x1
Arena: Yes
CTF: Yes
Status: 24/7

~Custom Features~
This is Crystal most successful custom feature, you will not find any other p-server that offered 24/7 jobbing wars. There is always traders and hunters and thiefs battling it out to make there high amounts of gold on the server. Welcome to how silkroad use to be! Jobbing Fun!

~Custom Launcher~
>An exceptional launcher, made ​​especially for you, automatically update.

~Stackable Limit~
>Changed limit stackable, so you could take more potions the spot if they could carry more elixirów with you.

~Custom Glow System~
>The new glow effects, diversifying the gameplay.







~Custom Area~
>Event Area 1lvl-50lvl - Here spawn Uniq like :Tiger Girl , Captain Ivy , Cerberus , Uruchi .

>Event Area 50lvl-80lvl -Here spawn Uniq like : Isyutaru , Lord Yarkan and uniq like battle golem , white knight etc.

>Event Area 80lvl-100lvl - Here spawn Uniq like : Demon Shaitan , Battle Golem , Tai - Sui , Roc.

~Custom Uniq~
> New Uniq, pleasure game.
<Rage - spawn muigi.

<White Knight - spawn penon warriors.

~GM Team~

~About The Team~
The Crystal Silkroad team is made up in different departments to ensure the best level of quality can be delivered to our community members and players.
Check out the team page for a detailed list.

> Carefully chosen payment method, you can easily get Silkie.
Silkie will soon be added for purchases via SMS, transfer, lots of options.

Frequent update our plans:
-add new pets
-add new uniq
-add many many new things custom
Our update will be announced, will last up to an hour.

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