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[MHTC] SoulStalker Online (Cap 70) (Old Job System) [Dedicated]

Welcome to SoulStalker Online!
We start now officially, with our small server project and you are all welcome.
The server is running on MHTC Files and has the old job system you can find a packet based autopotion tool at our forums. At the moment the server is capped to 70 but can and will be increased to 90 in the future.
When the project goes well and gets us some donations we'll be able to add further servers based on other files such as "vsro" or "black rogue". But first let's start small.
We hope that you'll love it and to see you soon online.
Your SoulStalker Online Team

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SoulStalker Client:
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Server Status:

* Exp: 25x
* SP: 25x
* Item rate: 10x
* Gold rate: 10x
* Job rate: 10x
* Level cap : 80
* Skill cap: 80
* Mastery cap : 300
* Gear cap : 8th Degree
* Weapon cap : 8th Degree
* Race : Chinese
* Event : Thanksgiving
* Slots : 500 (expandable)

Start Items:

50 HP pots large
50 MP pots large
5x 500 HP increase scoll // HP +500 increase, Available time 30 minutes
5x 500 MP increase scoll // MP +500 increase, Available time 30 minutes
5x Spirit Fragments // Fills your berserk gage to 100%. Cannot be used when berserk gage is already in use.
5x Enduring fruit // 75% movement speed increase, 3 hours period
5x Mother's loving hand // HP+20%, MP+20%, Effective time 3hrs.
10x Moving Scolls 100% // Moving speed will increase 100% for 3600 sec.

And some nice edits example:
- New wolf transformation at level 65

Edit: This is the new officially thread if you like it push Thanks!

80Cap Update is out now!
now you will find the new client in our download section!
and here some screenshots:
skills and lvl cap increase to lvl 80.
and we add 3 day grap pet as startitem.
We hope you enjoy this update.

Your SoulStalker online Team

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