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LSRO Atlantis cap 130

So, here is the Atlantis silkroad server advertising thread (you don't say?)

Server info:
Base: v188 server files + Evangelion DLL
Cap: level 130
Skills: level 120
Items: 13th degree
Monsters: level 1 - 130
Capacity: 1000 players (more isn't required for now)
Individual Experience: 150x
Party Experience: 160x
Item drop ratio : 40x
Gold drop ratio : 50x
Special riding pets
Daily events (by game masters)
Advanced elixirs (12/13th degrees)
Tons of avatars in item mall
Most of items you can consume has maximum stackability of 1000
Fortress war, Battle arena, Capture the flag events
Powerful server hardware and fast network connection
Great server performance
Uptime: 24/7

1. You must behave like a civilized user in all public places (Swearing, foolish and rude behavior is forbidden.).
2. You can't insult, threaten or bully other person.
3. You can't discuss about administration actions.
4. You can't split rumors, unofficial information.
5. You can't discuss about personal administrators life.
6. You can't ask for events, items and similar things.
7. You can't defame or talk rude about project.
8. You can't post links, which is not related to LSRO. Firstly user get a warning, if he breaks this rule again, he is banning permanently.
9. You can't use server bugs and ruin other players gameplay.
10. Flaming and Hating is forbidden.
11. You can't upload avatar / signature with violence, pornography, flashing images, swear words.
12. You can't discuss in web-site about everything, which is not related to LSRO. For example other servers, marketing etc.
13. You can't disturb administration. We are busy people, also we are not getting profit, so please don't tell us, that we must do something. This is not our job, it's like a hobby for us. We'll answer you as fast as we can.
14. Client files modifications are forbidden, you must use original LSRO Client.
15. Scamming and stealing other persons property is forbidden.
16. Massive flooding / spamming / advertisting is also forbidden.
17. Multi-buffers are forbidden (Characters, connected with multi-client, just to buff party member).
18. Maximum allowed ammount of characters connected per one IP is 2, not more.

For breaking those rules administrator can block you in-game, in-web and in the skype program.

http://bsgw.us.to/Atlantis_130.rar.torrent [torrent]
Deposit Files [depositfiles]

Registration: http://bsgw.us.to/reg.php
Forums: LSRO Forum

Why should you play here ? We got cookies !

Website is super-simple at the moment, just because i'm not done with new one yet. It should be finished in a week a or so.

We really hope you will have a great fun playing this server.

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