ft StarSRO [BR] - Cap 100 [CH/EU] - Start Item,Gold,SP - Back with NEW FILES! ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

StarSRO [BR] - Cap 100 [CH/EU] - Start Item,Gold,SP - Back with NEW FILES!

Server Informations
Servername: StarSRO [BR]
Level Cap: 100
Mastery Cap: 300
Races: CH&EU
Slots: 1000
Server Status:
Serverpage: StarSRO - Private Server
Server location: France
Because of the problems, that we need switched to BR files, we have a EXP event!

Server Rates
EXP: 200x
PT-EXP: 250x
Drop Rate: 75x
Gold Rate: 90x
Rare: 5x
Hwan: 100x

Jangan (+Cave, Jangan-/Bandit-Fortress War)
Donwhang (+Cave)
Hotan (+Hotan-Fortress War)
Roc Mt.
Forgotten World
Capture the Flag

Star Items
60% & 100% Beginner Tickets
20 Beginner Return Scrolls
3 100% EXP/SP Tickets (1H)
20 100% Speed Scrolls
25 Beserker Pots
2500 HP-& MP-Pots
100 Vigors
11 20% Damage Increase Scrolls
11 20% Damage Absorption Scrolls
11 Reverse Return Scrolls
11 Global Chatting
11 Instant Return Scrolls
3 Day Grab-Pet (Ghost)
7 Day Devil Spirit
Golden Dragon Flag

Fortress War Q/A
Q: Wich fortress war are enabled?
A: Jangan, Bandit and Hotan!

Q: On wich day is fortress war?
A: Fortress War is everyday!

Q: When is register time?
A: First period 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59

Q: When starts the fortress war?
A: Fortress war starts at 15:30:00 ~ 17:00:00

Q: At what time i can set the tax rate?
A: At 17:30:00 ~ 23:59:59

Q: At what time will the db update the fortress war?
A: The db will be updated at 17:00:01 ~ 17:01:01

Times are GTM +1

New Files!
Daily EXP Event
Fixed Silk prices ingame!
Stack-able Tablets and Stones
Stacks of some items edited
Friendly GM's

Start Specials
Start Items
75.000 SP
1,000,000 Gold

Winter Event works!
Everyday are nice Uniqu events or funny hide and seek events.
We want start forum events like Video Contest or Draw a SilkRoad Picture!
You can win silks, items etc.!

The Silks are very cheap, we also sell special item packages (ex: 50 Reverse, 50 Globals, 50 Instant Return = 2€)


About the Team
The whole team comes from germany, so we only want that you talk german or english with us!

I hope we get much players for get the max fun for gaming!

Your StarSRO-Team!

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