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Silkroad Private Servers

[Guide] Setup SilkRoad Private Server !

Hello ,,

this topic is my full write but i was need to post some pic to make more explain but really i have no time for that so i will will try to make more explain ..

(U must read this topic full before u start any step)

Now We Will Start :::---

First we will talk to setup all on 1 machine so u will need to use patch one ...

Machine lowest info :

Proccesor : core 2 due 3GB ++ (not dual core) and 64bit support
Ram : 4GB
(System 64bit) cuz i think files can't be work normally on 32bit OS
viga as u wish to buy from 512MB++
and musted to buy a lan (don't use ur computer lan) cuz LAN u will buy can handel more data on same time (less lag of number of players are large)

(We are setup files on ur Home PC and a server u buy from DataCenter)
I will make some explain for who use vps or dvs from datacenter at the last of topic ..

Now u Must Setup Some of those OS
If U need more security use any of windows server OSystems (Windows server 2003 or windows server 2008 Or wubdiws server 2008 rc2) < 64bit
Or if u don't care about Security U can use Windows XP 64Bit or vista 64Bit
or 7 64Bit (Windows 7 have Some good roles of secutiry like windows servers)
I don't try really Windows 8 but it's another version of WIndows Vista as i see !!!

Now u setup ur windows and ready for next step (ur windows must be clean) = u just setup the new windows with out any edit or adding programms ..

Next Step :
More Securty u must setup ur Firewall system right and setup good antivirus (& i suggest kaspersky antivirus the best ever untell now) ..

We Must talk for some time about network and local and puplic and hamachi (IP) <<

If u need to make ur PC have puplic ip so u must call ur internet provider first to gives u fixed (static ip) , that's verry easy with internet companies cuz some people think it's verry hard on internet provider to make his ip fixed .. (not to change with restart PC or restart router = not Dynamic ip) ..
Then u will need to configration ur router to access ur local ip by ur puplic ip
for example
in router if ur PC ip is ur puplic ip will post on so if u write ur puplic ip x.x.x.x = (Don't forget to close DHC and firewall)
if ur router don't support that it must support Bridge connection
So u will choose Brigde connection from ur router setup page
then close DHC too
then from ur windows creat PPPOE connection and write user and pass of ur ISP (Ur internet provider must gives u one)
and in some countrys they don't need to enter user and pass ..

If ur router don't support that too so ur way is hamachi or buy new router :P

If u have Broadband connection caple or direct caple or phyber caple (caple can used direct to ur pc with out router and don't comes from ur phone caple) ,,,, so u haven't any problem to make a puplic ip just call ur internet provider to make ur ip fix or static and just ur pc is ready now

For people who will use hamachi or local ip so they have no problem ..

Now Let's go to Setup ur PC like a server
U need to download Plesk Panel version 9 from this link
This link from the parallels company direct ..

then u must to Download it's Crack To have unlimited number of domains and database (we must use this to access to make more than 1 database {MSSQL} for vsro files)
Crack Link
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Password "abdelfattahcracked"
after extract winrar u will find php_psakey.dll
Now go to this direct
C:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\admin\modules
C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\modules
and replace this php_psakey.dll with the old one
We now setup plesk for webserver and billing server and for website for ur game (registration page and ..)

If u Forget Ur admin pass of plesk Write this in ((Run)) <
u can reset ur pass to change to new by this
This step will be after setup plesk panel
Now setup ur plesk panel and i think it gives u the full info when u try to setup it and let it choose iis as webserver for more security than apachi in asp scripts ..
and let it setup microsoft sql server ..
Then Now ur Plesk Panel is ready after install to use after u replace with crack..
To make the Crack works fine just stop plesk panel from plesk monitor then replace php_psakey.dll then restart or start the plesk panel again
If plesk panel needs to setup something before u setup it , so it will tell u and U must setup what it need ^^ ..
Plesk panel need cleand windows ..
Now we Finish Plesk Step ..
Let's go To setup files
Before setup files u must now config ur plesk panel with ur ip if it's ur local ip or puplic ip or hamachi ip then when u make ur Domain or if u will use default page u will choose the ip u post (hamachi ip or puplic ip)
then create ur domain with ip format or if u have Domain name u can type it with name format and u can choose diffrent port (80 defolt of http) for http web browser ..

Now After u done this step (it will need some time if u are still new in useing plesk panel or internet hosting world ~!!)
If u have a friend work in hosting service (web and servers) he can help u and make this step in just a minute ..
Now In the domain we create ,, Create FTP with a port u choose or let it default 21 for billing server  ..

and Now go to databases and choose mssql database and creat the 3 databases for vsro files and u can make 3 diffrent users for each db easy ..

then u can put ur asp script in ur http direct and make folder for pic empreo (guild and union pic) in FTP direct ..

and u know easy how to edit ur server.cfg in vsro files for ur ftp info ..

then u can make website for ur server like registration page and u can make with it forum by creat mysql (plesk support mysql 2) so it's verry easy ..
Now we will go to vsro files

U must setup
.Net FramWork 2
.Net FramWork 4

Then go to ODBC and check if the plesk don't regist ur databases in it so u must do it ur self
open administrative tools
then open Data Sources (ODBC)
then in user DNS
click on Add
choose SQL server
Click Finish
New windows will appear
In Name type ur database name example SRO_VT_ACCOUNT
and in the description write same database name SRO_VT_ACCOUNT
and in sql server write ur sql server name example YOURPCNAME\SQLEXPRESS
Then Next
With sql server authentication useing a login ID and password entred by the user.
Then type ur database
Lodin ID and Password (ex : id:sa;pass:1234)
Then Next
make check on change the default database to:
then the list of ur database will appear choose ur database u need to make dns for it we was working on SRO_VT_ACCOUNT so choose SRO_VT_ACCOUNT then next and click finish
a windows will open click on yes and u will done it (make same in the other 2 databases) ..
Ur files now are ready to work

In ur CertificationServer (Bin folder) enter ur ini folder ^^
with ur database info

In srNodeType.ini
edit ur PC ip (local or puplic or hamachi

in ur srShard.ini
check ur database info

Now go to ur database check
SK_gamebang_ip table
and write
in nID = 0
ip = 1
capacity = 300

and in ur _SharedService table
change SharedID to 64 if it's 64 (make that if u use my patch 1)..

or look for this image will make more explain

and in ur _PrivilegendIP
insert ur ip if ur ip
so write
192 168 1 2 192 168 1 2
don't ever make like that
192 168 1 2 192 168 1 2
Cuz u have only ipv4
If u have more u can make that and if u know how to make more ipv4 u can make this step write ..

and i think i post this steps before in my Guide of problems solve so we all know how to make it

Now compile ur CertificationServer and open it

Now go to ur server.cfg and post ur same ip u post in srNodeType.ini
and ur ftp and billing info

and samek ip too enter in ServiceManager.cfg (SMC config)
open now ur vsro files
after all files works fine
go and edit ur media pk2 of sro client
and post ur ip and ur ftp info for (Guild and union pic) to let the client upload pic to ur ftp to load it in game and now ur game works full fine

Now i think we Finish and for those who buy vps or dps from datacenter u can make the other steps after plesk setup
Because u must buy the plesk panel if u need to use if from ur datacenter
or other wise use iis + xampp + filezella(if u don't know how to use ftp of iis  )


We finish ,, i know i don't make explain well but i hope i help as i can
These thread written by me and not for copy ...

Hope u like Now Have a good day <3

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