ft Shadow-sro D13 pvp [Hamachi] free silk .. instant 130 D13 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Shadow-sro D13 pvp [Hamachi] free silk .. instant 130 D13

hey its shadow-sro pvp server start lvl 130  pm any gm to give u the D13 weapon,set,accessory's

info :
1- D13 Weapons & Armors Added
2- Capacity 130 -- we trying it ...
3- D13 Lucky Powder in npc
4- Elixir's Bug fixed and working in npc good now just don't use control while u buying to avoid crashing
5- D12 item +5 FB in NPC
6- Free Weapons D13 +5
7- Auto 30k Silk charge after registration
8- all avatars in item mall working
9- some avatars added to Acc NPC Shop
10- All New Pets added to Jangan Stable
11- D12 Stones added to NPC
12- Vigor in npc
13- No Mobs in the server uniques respawn 5x every 2h
14- Alchemy rate upgraded to 4x
15- Start with 5bil gold
16- 3 page's
time for some pic's

GM's : [GM]FlyinGDraGoN << Main GM
[GM]P0S31D0N << Me

Hamachi room's : NewShadow1~2~3~4~5~6~7~08~09~10~11~12~13 --- PW : 0

hamachi download : Hamachi - Download

Register & download : will fix it later

if u have any suggestions , idea's and bugs let me know 

give it a try ^_^

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