ft PantuSRO (1000+ Online very active pvp)/700x/700x/150x/75x,PantuSRO bot,PantuSRO vote4silk ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

PantuSRO (1000+ Online very active pvp)/700x/700x/150x/75x,PantuSRO bot,PantuSRO vote4silk


On this way i would like to introduce PantuSRO to you.

PantuSRO offers a mature team (all over 21 years, we wont recruit kids , not even for a support job)
Server development experienced team
Online gaming experienced team

PantuSRO offers a fun server and fast raising server for you, in less then 1 month we achived 1,200 online players peak

PantuSRO is based on VSRO files with a cap of level 110.
The exp /sp /gold /drop rates are
700x 700x 50x 175x

Homepage features :

Vote 4 Free silk.
Fully protected homepage and database
Account saving measures
Unique kills
Password change

Game Features :

Fortress war
All uniques
All areas
Stable server
All systems working.

Server Informations

Client Download ready : 01.02.2012
Register Ready : 01.02.2012
Server Opening : 03.02.2012

Have fun. Would like to see you on the server and enjoy the time

CPU : 32ghz
Ram : 96gb ram
Connection : 1gbps
Windows server 2008 Enterprise
Microsoft mssql 2008 Enterprise

Login Server:

Server is on check tho untill 03.02.2012 18:00 gmt+1

Server Homepage : Pantu Online

Like us on facebook : PantuSRO (Original) | Facebook

Take a look at our forums : PantuSRO Silkroad Online Private Server

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