ft DivineSRO ~ 120 CAP SERVER ~ NO BUGS ~ Weekly Updates ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

DivineSRO ~ 120 CAP SERVER ~ NO BUGS ~ Weekly Updates

Hi everyone! Yep this thread about another private server!
This one is a simple server with simple rules and a big GM community to provide you with tons of events and good overall gameplay!

We have 1000 slots at the moment, but we are open to increase it when needed.

Our current rates are:
Individual Exp. Gain: 150x
Party Exp. Gain: 180x
Item Drop: 30x
Gold Drop Amount: 30x

Forgotten World: open
JG Cave/Roc MT: open
Hotan Fortress: open
Jangan Fortress: open
Bandit Fortress: closed

Our start items

  • 50 Million Gold
  • 10 Berserker Regeneration Potions (Zerk-Scrolls)
  • 3 day pet
  • 1 Global
  • 10 Reverse Scrolls
  • 5 Skill edit Potions
  • 5 HP/MP +430 Potions
  • Grey Wolf
  • 1 Magic Pop Card
  • 1000 HP/MP Large potions
  • 1 20% Dmg incr. Scroll
  • 1 Repair hammer
  • 10 Super scrolls (moving speed 100%)
  • 500.000 SP

Here is the team:
  • HardDriver
  • Greg aka Adria
  • IceMan
  • Scott
  • Bungie
  • Pepper
  • Ninja
  • Tarky
  • Pizza

Our homepage is: Home You can find a download there.


Our Forums: DivineSRO Forums

Our Teamspeak Infomation is: IP:

We have a weekly pvp event, and fortress war.
The pvp event winner recieves a title for the week "PvP King"
If we got enough people we will give out the title for CHN & EUR

What´s the difference to other private Servers?

-we got a lot of GM´s
-english is the main language, the Head GMs are from america
-we are working on an own 13d update, with new maps, new skills, new Sets
-Unique-Count system (like rev6)
-Weekly server inspection (friday night)
-you cant buy Stones or SOX from NPC, you need to get them on your own

We are taking suggestions for events or anyway to improve our server.

Thanks and Welcome to DivineSro!!

I will be checking this thread to see if anyone has questions about the server, website, etc.

We are not running this server to make money. As all I care about is that there a good community server and the server gets enough donations to pay for the box each month. We want to bring you a smooth and pleasant gaming environment.

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