ft pSRO has released Legened II Cap 130 D13 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

pSRO has released Legened II Cap 130 D13

This The Frist Private Server Open D13 Before Any Server

This Game Open From 10 Month and will Stay Open For Ever

Server Info:
server located in USA
Exp\Sp Rate : 120X
Party Exp\Sp: 150X
Gold \ Drop Rate : 50X
lvl Cap : 130
Skill Cap: 130
Gear Cap: D13
Weapon's Cap : D13
Party Matching : 1>>130


New +11 Glow

New +12 Glow

New Chine Skill Like Silkroad R

Full D12 Set

Full D13 Set


New Item For Help The New Player's

{New Item Mall}

New Avatar's


New Pet's      

New Devil's

New ect's

Grey Wolf in Shop

[ Full Jupter Working ]

ऋँ New Town D13 ऋँ

Web Site :Here

Reg & Change Pw :Here

Download links


PSRO Page From Here
PSRO Group From Here

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