ft HarukiSro 150x Rates server , [FREE SILK] , 110 Cap ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

HarukiSro 150x Rates server , [FREE SILK] , 110 Cap

Details :
rates :
Exp: 150x
PExp: 150x
SP: 150x
Gold: 25x
Drop: 25x
Magic pop 95x : you can get nova with few tries
Silks are free just vote for 2000 silks
 How to play HarukiSro:
First you will need to register account > Register - HarukiSRO
After to download Full client or only Media.pk2 patch if you have any VSRO client already. >Downloads - HarukiSRO
To get free silk you should vote for our server every vote will bring 1000 Silk to your account
Homepage : News - HarukiSRO
you will have Free silk and high rates for exp/gold/SP etc to level up fast and test all regions and skills.

SERVER RATES: [Exp: 150x][SP: 150x][Gold: 25x][Drop: 25x][FREE SILK] Max level 110, Chinese/European. Arena, FW, CFW etc. 

you will be able to get best items from me when I will be in good mood and run events

Hope to see you in game asap.

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