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[DeltaSRO] Silkroad Private Server - Vsro files

This is KebabSRO but changed name and changed to Vsro server files for those who was waiting for KebabSRO to go online again

Server Information
Server Name: DeltaSRO
Version: v1.188 VSRO
Capacity: 1000
Races: Chinese/Europe
Level Cap: 110
Mastery Cap: 330
Homepage: DeltaSRO - Silkroad Private Server

Experience points: 250x
Skill points: 250x
Skill points: 250x
Gold Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: Custom
Magic Pop: 10x
SoX Rate: Default
Alchemy Rate: Default
Item Mall Yes (Delta Points)
* 100 DP = 2.50 euro
* 200 DP = 4.50 euro
* 400 DP = 7.00 euro
* 600 DP = 10.00 euro
* 800 DP = 12.50 euro
* 1000 DP = 15.00 euro

Other Features
Forgotten World
Fortress War (Every Saturday 20.00GMT+1)
Capture the Flag(Every 2th Hour)
Holy Water Temple
Job Cave
Stackable Potions
Stackable Elixirs
Stackable Stones
And alot more! Join us at DeltaSRO - Silkroad Private Server (domain will be purchased soon)


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