ft Eros Online 110 Cap Server {NEW PRIVATE SERVER - NOW OPENED} ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Eros Online 110 Cap Server {NEW PRIVATE SERVER - NOW OPENED}

Server Informations;
Servername: Eros Online
Level Cap: 110
Mastery Cap: CH 330 - EU 220
Races: CH&EU
Slots: 1500
Serverpage: WebSite
Forum Page: FORUM

Image Code : Closed
[English and Turkish Support]

Server Rates;
EXP: 200x
PT-EXP: 250x
Drop Rate: 50x
Gold Rate: 100x
Rare: 5x
Hwan: 100x
Media.pk2: Download
[Only Media.pk2 Enough]

Jangan (+Cave, Jangan-/Bandit-Fortress War)
Donwhang (+Cave)
Hotan (+Hotan-Fortress War)
Roc Mt.

Starting Items;
100% Beginner Ticket
30 Instant Return Scrool
20 100% Speed Scrolls
10 Beserker Pots
1000 HP-& MP-Pots
3 Day Grab-Pet (Monkey)
500k SP
2M Gold

Fortress War Q/A;
Q: Which fortress war are enabled?
A: Jangan, Bandit and Hotan!

Q: On wich day is fortress war?
A: Fortress War is Saturday!

Q: When is register time?
A: Everyday!

Q: When starts the fortress war?
A: Fortress war starts at 19:00:00 ~ 20:00:00 GMT +2

Times are GMT +2

Unique Spawn 20 ~ 30 Min.
Pot/Elixirs/Arrow/Bolt 10.000 Stack.
Friendly GM's

-Finding GM Events! [Sunday at 19:00] GMT +2
-Unique Event Everyday [20:00] GMT +2
-We want start forum events like Video Contest or Draw a SilkRoad Picture!
You can win silks, items etc.!

[GM] Administrator Nolimit
[GM] TroubLe
[GM] Kinqstone
[AS] DeadLy

Server Pictures;


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