ft FunSro Pvp Server D12 nova in npc 50k silk free.... ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

FunSro Pvp Server D12 nova in npc 50k silk free....

Welcome All^^

Happy New Year

I Made This Server For Fun

but you have to be in hamachi rooms  Soon i will make it with VPN

pw 123

every weekend i clean rooms

Mobs Deleted to avoid lag

Server Informations :

1. I added all items D12 nova +5 fb with stats 80% to npc (Janjan Npc)
"When You Buy Items Just Teleport Then You Will Find Them Stats 80% "
2. I added all Elixir to accessory npc (Janjan Npc)
3. I added Vigor to Npc
4. I added new avatars you can find them in janjan accesroy npc
5. New account start with 50k silk
6. New char start lv 120 with 10m sp & 10b gold
7.I Added All Stones D12 And Lucky powder D12 To Accesroy Npc(Janjan)

8. Start items :

* 5k Elixir Weapon
* 5k Elixir Protector
* 5k Elixir Shield
* 5k Elixir Accessory
* White Wolf
* 1k Hp&Mp Xlarge
* 10 Zerk Scroll
* Premuiem Plus
* 100 EXP_HELP
* 50 Instat Return Scroll
* 50 Damage Scroll
* 50 Defense Scroll
* 50 Reverse
* 10 Moving Speed Scroll

You Have To Download This Media To Can Play Game

Link: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Use any client D12 with my media to can play game without crash


Forum: http://www.fun-sro.com.nu/forum

Gm Team:

[GM]brain (TheOwner)

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