ft PuritySRO - PVE Server - No laggs, Active community/GMs - Check it out! ~ Private Sro

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PuritySRO - PVE Server - No laggs, Active community/GMs - Check it out!

Hello People ^^..

I wanted to share this private server with all of you!
The homepage is: www.puritysro.com

  • Reborn system (More below)
  • Achievement system (More below)
Level area's of 130 monsters.
Unique ranking system
  • FGT Skills
  • Website based Item-Mall

Custom unique spawn-points
#Server Specifications
Current Client Version: v1.226
Level Cap: 120.
Skill Cap: 120.
Item Cap: 13 degree.

Exp Rate: 500x
Party Exp Rate: 550x
Gold Drop Rate: 150x
Drop Rate: 15x
Alchemy Rate: 5x
MagicPOP Rate: 10x

FortressWar: Yes, Each Week, Saturday 8:00 PM (GMT +1)
#Website Functions
  • Reborn Character
  • Reset Character's position
  • Remove guild penalty
  • Clear your skillbar
  • Exchange 1-billion gold coins
  • Achievements System
#About Reborn System
This is a unique system where users can gain extra Str and Int points.
You can only do a reborn when you are level 120.
Your character will be resetted to level 1, your skills and skill-points will be resetted, and you will gain the extra Str / Int points.

The reborn cap is currently at 10.

#About Achievement System
This is another system which got added by PuritySRO,
The main point of this system is to get users active.

You can gain rewards such as custom zerk levels!

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