ft Condifence #CAP 130#Skills120 # GLORY SRO DATABASE ## 1M SILK FREE ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Condifence #CAP 130#Skills120 # GLORY SRO DATABASE ## 1M SILK FREE

Level Cap: 130
Skill Cap: 120+some new skills 120+
EXP & SP : 400x
Party EXP : 450x
Gold : 80x
Drop Rate : 160x
Job Exp : 80x
Party Matching till Lv 200
Mastery Cap: 360+ maybe mastry 390 later
Gear Cap: 13th Degree
Weapon Cap: 13th Degree
Race: Chinese and European
Autopot: Yes
All Event Work
Magic Pop: Yes
Alchemy: Yes
Arena: Yes
FW: Yes(Every Saturday)

Here The Start Items:

3 Days Grap pet
Speed Scrolls

Web Site: instinctnet.com
Web Site Register: intinctnet.com

Download Client

Condifence Client : ftp://instinctnet.com/New.rar

Some new Stuff you may want to know it!
1-All New Avatars...Even new Avatar not in any server or even offical ^_^
2-Lucky Magic Powder D13(in NPC)
3-Lucky Stone D13(in NPC)
4-Uniqs Scrolls (in NPC)
5-New Prem ++ in Item mall
6-Stack some stuff
7-New 2 Elixir have more succ rate
(Holy Bible Elixir and Crystal Elixir)
8-Uniqs 130 ..you will get from them D13 items
9-Stall Network till D13
10-Magic Pop till D13(Full Working)
11-Custom Drop for Tables D13
12-Full Working Stones D13
13-New Pets(like: Bird , Bear , Dragon .etc)
14-Petra Coins you can get with them rare and special items from Alex
15-New Force Skills
16-Devil Spirit S in Item mall
17-Upgrade Item for Devil Spirit can get from Item mall or From Uniqs 130
18-You can get Petra Coins From Uniqs 130!
19-Jupiter Map With Uniqs
20-Demon New Avatar

We will Stay Original Server Always Full D13 with new stuff!
others will be just copy ^_^
the Server support Full working D13......
you cant find this things in any others servers

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