ft BlubbSRO - veryHighrate (up to x750 in party) English/German Server ~ Private Sro

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BlubbSRO - veryHighrate (up to x750 in party) English/German Server

BlubbSRO - FUN Server

Today a new Fun-Server opened: BlubbSRO. I hope that there aren't any minor bugs, but if there are bugs, report me and i'll fix them. Moreover the Server is running for english and german speaking guys. We are trying to build up a friendly community where everyone help everyone.

-> BlubbSRO "Website" <-

-> Client-Download <-
-> MediaPK2-Download <-
(if you only downloaded the Media.pk2, use this sro_client.exe to get the game on english!
just download and start the Launcher to play!
-> or connect with Loader to


-> Donate <-

Server Information:

EXP/SP-Rates: x250
Party EXP: x300!!
Itemdrop-Rates: x100
Golddrop-Rates: x50
Slots: 500 (Maybe more? Depends on users)

- Magic Pop Rates changed to 100% SUCCESS!
-> Magic Pop Cards are expensive(999 Silk)
-> Magic Pop Cards are given out as reward in an event

- Added Unique Titan spawn every 2 hour on normal unique spots!

Level-Cap: 110
Skill-Cap: 110
Mastery-Cap: 330

I would be glad, if we'll see ingame

our root:

chill guys ... please download the client, its easier (client also contains english translations -> all quests and item descriptions are readable)

for those who are experienced with pk2 editing:


online again with some starter items

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