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Wicked Sro Reopened with 100 Cap

Hello everybody ! Since wicked sro was best 90 cap server it seems to be died for a while , but now it had been changed to cap 100 with full item mall in npc
Simple Info:-
Level Cap: 100

Skill Cap: 100

Degree Cap: 10th

Mastery Cap: 300

Exp/SP Ratio: x50

Party Exp Ratio: x55

Gold Droprate: x15
Item Droprate: x25
SoX Droprate: x5 (degree 1-9)
Merchant (Job) Ratio: x5
Increased Alchemy rates for +1 to +4 (degree 1-9)


Races: Chinese and Europe
Pets: grab, attack, movement


Jangan (inc. Qin-Shi Tomb)

Hotan (inc. Roc Mountain)
Forgotten World


Guild War
Capture the Flag
Fortress War (Sunday 18:00 ~ 19:30 GMT+1)
Battle Arena (Monday ~ Saturday 19:00 GMT+1, 21:00 GMT +1, 23:00 GMT+1)
Meet Roc - Gate of Ruler (Sunday 20:00 GMT+1)

PvP Tournaments (organized by GMs)
Custom Events by our GMs

Start Items:

60% Exp Helper (x6 rates increased)
100% Exp Helper (x10 rates increased)
20 Beginner Return Scrolls
20 100% Moving Speed Scrolls
Monkey Summon Scroll (3 days)

50 Beginner HP Potions (small)
50 Beginner MP Potions (small)


What is the new? lets see :-

Exp/Sp Ratio to x50!
Changed alchemy rate for D10 +1 ~ +4
Added D9 SoX, D10 SoStar to Magic Pop
Added D10 SoStar, SoMoon to Battle Arena
Added D10 Magic Stones to Event So-Ok
Added 4 new Pets to Event So-Ok
Fixed several string / sound errors
Fixed Chinese Group Resurrection
Updated Weekly Job Ranking
Database Backup
new Devil Spirit
new Grab Pets
Added new Chinese Party Skills
(effects will get fixed later)

New videos:-

You can visit thier website and Register/Change passsword/Donate
WSRO || Wicked Silkroad Online Private Server

Also you can join the server by IP Input :-
Make ver 19 (in place write 19 only)
IP: press Ok and wait while it change the ip
Open launcher and it will update with you
They wont sell any kind of item / gold etc. They want to create a fair, equal and free gameplay for everyone.
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Also you can make some fun from video while you are downloading the client
Also you can know latest updates from main website
Have fun with playing in Wicked

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