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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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Mirage Online | Cap 130 | Arabia Update | Ip Limit | Mid Rates | New Job System | Capture The Flag | Battle Arena | Daily Events | Online Silk System | Custom Scrolls | Custom Updates | Unique Killer Ranking

Server Information:
► Level Cap: 130
► Skill Cap: 120
► CH Mastery Cap: 390
► EU Mastery Cap: 260
► Gear Cap: 13th Degree
► Weapon Cap: 13th Degree
► Races: China and European
► IP Limit : 8 Chars
Botting: Allowed
► Item Mall: Fully working
► Guild/Union Emblem: Working

Danger Road-Sro | Cap 120 | Coin System | 1M Free Silk | Instant Lvl 120 | D13 Pvp Server | Daily Events | Custom Npc | New Avatars | New Prem | Max Plus | Unique Ranking

Server Information:
-Level Cap: 120
-Skill Cap: 120
-Mastery Level: 360 Chinese / Euro 240
-Race: Chinese / Euro
-Botting: Allowed

Xsro Online | Cap 110 | Instant Level 110 | Pvp Degree 11 | Coin System | New Npc | Custom Areas | New Weapon Effects | Daily Events | Job War Server | Honor Scrolls | Custom Edits

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - X Sro Online (110 Cap)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

EmergencySro | Cap 110 | Pvp Degree 11 | 1M Free Silk | Coin System | Instant Level 110 | Max Alchemy | Unique Quests | 1Day Quests | Alchemy Shop | New Scrolls | Battle Arena | Genie Room | Death Bone Roc Unique

We are glad to announce to you our server " Emergency SRO "
►Server Details◄
Info                          Value
Instant level             110
Gear cap                 11D
Server files              VSRO
Races                      Eu & Ch
Slots                         1000
Botting                     allowed
Max Alchemy          +16 No Advanced
All Region                are open

RocSro | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Auto Equipment | Alchemy Notice | New Beginner System | New Job System | Wanted System | Job Grant system | Free Silk | Coin System | Legendary Weapon System | Wedding System | Lottery System

A few words about our team and RocSro
Roc Sro Silkroad Online is made up of experienced people, That who can really understand the
way of silkroad from beginning to till now, Well we also have made which most p-server can't do them...we done it
also it works and awesome, First we thought of balanced cap and which most of the system works but
we not changed the game play or the game system of silkroad, We are working since 4months on this
project now we have done the most special system which people were awaiting and how they like silkroad has to be,

Dark Heaven | Cap 110 | Wanted System | New Job System | Mid Rates | Auto Plus Notice | New Skills | New Effects | New Trade Skills | New Title System | Daily Events | Awaken System


Here we go guys. A completely re-imagined server. We are here to announce the launch of Dark Heaven Online. We on the Dark Heaven team wanted to bring to those that remember the original SRO and the feeling of community, yet add spice to the game and focus on the major things that made Silkroad, the game that we all loved.

Criminal-Sro | Cap 130 | D14 | Free Silk/Hour | Divin System | Magic Pop | Special Items | Daily Events | Mid Rates | Stones Npc | Custom Scrolls | New Avatars | Awaken System | Custom Npc

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Criminal-Sro (130 Cap)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

Qivin-X | D11 | Cap 110 | Old School Server | Play2Win | Mid Rates | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Forgotten World | Coins System | Trade Based | Job War System | Daily Events | Friendly Gms

After a long wait and Games payment in order to win, we reached a good solution to make a game similar to the original, and a lot of fun, we were able to do that, yes, does not have anything new, but we are looking for fun only, and everything by Old such as Originally, we begin to explain everything ,Well....Best Regards from Qivin-X ,,,,,,,, 

Ostia Online | Cap 80 | Old Job System | Free Silk/Hour | Chinese Only | OldSchool Game | Low Rates | Daily Events | Abyss Hall | Coin System | Job Temple | New Avatars | Ftw

Server Release Date
Server Information
» Race: Chinese Only
» Level Cap: 80
» Skill Cap: 80
» Mastery Level: 300
» Exp Rate: 15x | Party Experience Ratio: 20x
» Drop Rate: 1x
» Gold Drop Rate: 1x
» SoX Drop Rate: 0,5x (Exception: On 8th degree only SoS droppable)
» Alchemy rate: 0,5x
» Job: Old Job System
» Job Rate: 100x
» Botting: Allowed | Multibotting: Forbidden
» Silk per hour that you are online: 1 (during the week) / 5(on the weekends)