ft Ostia Online | Cap 80 | Old Job System | Free Silk/Hour | Chinese Only | OldSchool Game | Low Rates | Daily Events | Abyss Hall | Coin System | Job Temple | New Avatars | Ftw ~ Private Sro

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Ostia Online | Cap 80 | Old Job System | Free Silk/Hour | Chinese Only | OldSchool Game | Low Rates | Daily Events | Abyss Hall | Coin System | Job Temple | New Avatars | Ftw

Server Release Date
Server Information
» Race: Chinese Only
» Level Cap: 80
» Skill Cap: 80
» Mastery Level: 300
» Exp Rate: 15x | Party Experience Ratio: 20x
» Drop Rate: 1x
» Gold Drop Rate: 1x
» SoX Drop Rate: 0,5x (Exception: On 8th degree only SoS droppable)
» Alchemy rate: 0,5x
» Job: Old Job System
» Job Rate: 100x
» Botting: Allowed | Multibotting: Forbidden
» Silk per hour that you are online: 1 (during the week) / 5(on the weekends)

» FW enabled (JG, Bandit, Hotan).
» Working Guild Icons.
» CTF enabled.
» Elixirs, Potions, Stones and much more can be stacked to a high amount.
» Disabled Advanced Elixirs.
» Disabled Battle Arena
» Disabled Magic Pop.
» Disabled Devil & Angel Spirit.
» Disabled Forgotten World.
» Removed Vigor grains(25%) from the NPC.
» Removed Job penalty.
» Only Jangan, Donwhang Hotan and Roc Mountain(mobs adjusted to lvl 80) are enabled.
» A full GAME PLAY BALANCE OVERHAUL to make the game as fair and as funny as possible (more details later)
» Changed Cerberus and Captain Ivy spawn area.
» Unique respawn times lowered.
» Special items dropping at Uniques.
» Job titles for the top jobbers of the week(Inc. Thief-Cheat Checking Mechanism)
» All new avatars enabled.
» Super-active and friendly GM-Team .
» Vote for Silk
» Daily Events
» In game live support in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
» Mercenaries working!
» Job Temple enabled(adjusted to lvl80).
» A new instance dungeon called "Hall of Abyss" to increase end level content
» A global-spawning unique(over 500! spawn points) called OsTia, as real end boss.
» Alot of droppable silk stuff so that everyone can become a good player even without donating.
» Modified map(important places of our server added on the in game map)

Start Items

Game play Balance Overhaul
» No 8d Som/Sun drops to prevent SoX-Farming
» Seal of OsTia items added to reward active players
» Seal Of OsTia Items balanced well enough so that new players dont have such a high disadvantage
» Higher leveled snow shield limited to Int users
» Resurrection scrolls disabled

Abyss Hall

Seal of OsTia

80-Cap Job Temple

Guide For Special Coins System
Hall of Abyss is another Special Instance Dungeon.
The "Abyss Berzerk" Monsters that can be found there are extremely strong and almost untankable. However, the drops are tremendously good and Special items are droppable there i.e. 2k HP/MP Increase Pot, Zerks Scrolls.
However, going there alone will only lead to death. Therefore, i suggest getting 1-2 parties and going there together.

-Abyss Witch
The Witch (Unique) is a Unique which spawns every 2-3hours and also drops special items. Upon killing this Witch, your name will be displayed on the server for fame.

- Seal of OsTia
Seal Of OsTia is basically Seal of Moon (+2 stronger than last gear items >>lvl 72+ normal items<<).

- How to obtain Seal of OsTia
You need: Gold Coins, Silver Coins & Copper Coins to buy 1 SoD Item.

Gold Coins Can be obtained by getting Contribution points. Contribution points are gotten the same way as Job Experience, for example, Trading, Thieving, hunting, job war etc.
When you have enough contribution you Restart your account, you will automatically Receive Gold Coins in Your Storage.

Silver Coins can be obtained by killing the OsTia Minion mobs which spawn anywhere on the map (Uniques.. like: Tiger Girl (Minion), Uruchi (Minion), Isyutaru (Minion), Lord Yarkan (Minion)...
You can go to Capture the Flag and you receive 1 Silver Coin.

Copper Coins can be bought with gold at the OsTia Item Sell Npc Located in Hotan West. (Between Blacksmith and Jewel/Accessorize Seller).

- Blood Of OsTia (Seal Item.. like SoX)
Blood Of OsTia is the same as Seal of OsTia BUT,it is Exchangeable and has a Different GLOW and OsTia (Unique) Drops it and the Hall of Abbyss Berzerker Mobs have a 0.25% to Drop it too.

1- i have error updating the game ?
delete temppath folder.
2- how i get SOD weapon ?
you have to go trade to get Gold Coins, you have to join CTF to get Silver Coins, and buy copper coins from OsTia NPC.

» Website: Link
» Register:Link
» Download Full Client:Link
» Download Media.pk2: Link
» High Performance server
» DDoS Protected

Regards OsTia Team

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