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Silkroad Private Servers

Assassin-Online | D14 | Cap 130 | Coin System | Play2Win | New Area Petra | Free Silk | Wanted System | Lottery System | Survival Area | Awaken System | Custom Scrolls | Facebook System | Daily Reward System | Job War Event | Coin Quests | New Forgotten World System

| Welcome to Assassin-Sro • International server • Unique Game play • Awesome Features |

Server Information
Cap : 130
Degree : D14
Races : Chinese\Europe
Towns : All Town work & New Area Petra
Experience rate : 350x
Party Experience Rate : 400x
Gold Rate : 20x
Job rate : 25x
Alchemy : 1.5x
Free Silk : 5000 Silk
Coin system.
New Skills 130
Top player.
Original Avatars and New Avatars.
Fellow pets.
Custom skill effects.
New unique.
Arabia town / mobs.
Country dragon flags.
Stones at npc.
Battle arena.
New uniques.
Working FTW Jangan,Bandit,Hotan,CT.
Working Guild Icons.
Potions and Pills Stack able to 500.
Enable Advanced Elixirs +2 +3 +4
New Area.
Wanted system
Auto Events (Pvp - Job - Gm Killer )
Daily reward Quest
Union + GUILD Limited
Stall 500B
Upgrade system
Lottery System

Server Features

New Launcher.

Start item's

 New Room For Lvl Up New Cha'r Can Inter This Room From Lv1 To Lv50
You Can Inter This Room From Town Of Darkness

New area Petra


New areas

Survival Area

Awaken System by Arch

New Modified items

New list of sorted avatar

New Avatars

New Scroll's
1-Name Change Scroll
2-Resets stats Scroll
3-PK.Remover Scroll
4-Scroll Remove Blue
5-Abs \ Dmg For 30Mins
6-Damage Increase Scroll
7-Damage Absorption Scroll

New Scroll Change Name In Game !

Lottery Scrolls (CH\EU)Weapon

Upgrade Scrolls (CH\EU\Accessory\Shield)

New Helper NPC


Assassin(s) Facebook system (Likes & Dislikes + Comments)

Stall limit
We have changed stall limit to 500 billion gold to avoid scamming.

Union Limit\Guild Limit
Union limit decreased to 4 guilds per union only

Daily Reward system

Start Buff :-

Wanted Buff :
10 Kills = 1%
20 kills = 2%
30 Kills = 3%
40 Kills = 4%
50 Kills = 5%
with cheat system.

New Other Events.
Job War Event.
All thieves will be vs traders and hunters, when you kill a player you will get a silk point in item mall F10, after the maximum kills 300 for all players the event will be stopped and you wont get any-more silk points, the reward for each kill is 5 silk.

GM killer Event.
When this event starts , A GM will appear in somewhere and you will have to go to kill him, when someone kill him he will get a silk.

PVP Event.
You have to be lvl 100, messaging to "BOTPVP" will be opened for 10 min, after 10 min messaging will be closed.
All players who sent a message to "BOTPVP" writing "registerpvp" will be recalled to a place, and after 5 min of recalling event will start, it will be with PK not caps. the player who will be killed will go to town with no returning, every kill with a reward 2 silk, the event will be ended after 400 kills for all players, Attention: normal items can be dropped from you.

Title System.
When you kill a unique you will get its title auto, when you kill another unique you will get its title instead of your current title, but when the unique is killed by another player, you be back for the previous title until its killed too and so on.

Job coin system.
we know that build a strong character is a boring thing and almost of open servers with this system had a some fails so we make a advantage in our server it will responsible about just 1 coin from Job named by (Cold Coin) until you can build your charcter with full equip set that you like it ,so we allowed all items by cheap prices.
Trader Gain 4 Coin From 5* Goods.
Hunter Gain 2 Coin From 5* Goods.
Thief Gain 2 Coin From 5* Goods.
Job Coins.
Coins (Arena Coin) are received automatically after re-login after completing a trade.

●Q:How to get Awaken Coins?
A:From Baghdad ( 1) All mobs
Q:How to get Job coins?
A:1 Job coin per Player kill " You can only kill player 3 times per day " " This system working anywhere... Maximum coins gain per day is 50 Job coins .. The next day count after 12:00 PM - To Avoid cheating
●Welcome Message  
Max Plus

New uniques 

Alchemy rates
Rates are:
1-5 = 100%
6 = 30 %
7 = 25%
8 = 15%
9= 10 %
10 = 7 %
11 = 5 %
12 = 1 %
Coin Quests
New quest system

 Forgotten world 2
 There are two treasure boxes inside Shipwreck 2. If you got a talisman from it, you can register it to your collection book by right clicking on it.

It will pop up a confirmation box asking if you really want to register it.

After registering it, the talisman will be in your collection book forever. It means, you can’t register the same talisman for the second time.

To know which talisman you needed, I put a list of it here.
List of Forgotten World Talisman:

‘Togui Village’
level range 35-50 / 51-60 / 61-70
*Red tears
*Western scriptures
*Togui mask
*Red talisman
*Dull kitchen knife
*Spell paper
*Elder staff

‘Flame Mountain’
level range 71-80 / 81-90
*Fire flower
*Horned cattle
*Flame of oblivion
*Flame paper
*Hearthstone flame
*Enchantress necklace
*Fire dragon sword
*Honghaeah armor

‘Shipwreck – The Green Abyss’
level range 91-100
*Silver pendant
*Cobalt emerald
*Love letter
*Portrait of a woman
*Jewelry box
*Diamond watch
*Mermaid’s tears

‘Shipwreck – The Sea of Resentment’
level range 101-110
*Broken key
*Large tong
*Phantom harp
*Evil’s heart
*Vindictive spirit’s bead
*Hook hand
*Commander’s patch
*Sereness’s tears

After getting all of your talisman and completing your book, you can exchange it to any Weapon Degree 14 Sun that you want.

have a nice time in Forgotten world.
Upgrade Scrolls (Explain)
can you belive that Our server have all specifications it's time now to found all what you dream in one server until not be boring server we start by : sample idea about upgrade system :
when you have Sun d13 +14 you have decision to change it to upper degree like the set or acc or shield form this give the more free to enjoy by game advantages.
Lottery Scrolls (Explain)
scroll buy by CTF coins its random scroll
when u buy it you user it and auto teleported
and get in inventory item Weapon
but its random.
u will get it random
and EU same ....
How to get 13d
 First things first, you have to farm Awaken Cards Mobs bagdad.

2-Go to town of darkness
3- Talk with Awaken System Machine

4-- Choose the Awaken stone that you need, depends on what item you want to do.

5- Put the Awaken Card in the blank slot.

6- Press PLAY.

7- Fail:

Or win

8- Talk with Awaken System Exchange

Second part is down this post Smile - Just scroll down
Weekly Server Update
Every Thursday (7-10 am by Egypt Time) we make a Check at the Server to make sure that you found a good service and game which enjoy by it

this account the official representative to answer all questions about the server (crazyspider45).
The Newest Update . Version 245
1- Fix Stall 500 B .
2- delete The L.c & J.c Coins From The NPC you can only get them from the quests.
3- The Daily Quest of L.c and J.c increased become 10 jc and 7 lc .
4- when you leave a job or guild you'll be unable to join another for 3 days.
5- 18 Unique Arabia Drops 5 Arena coin from every unique (in The Daily GM event ) .
6- The Date of Fortress will be every Friday at 5 pm by The Egyptian Time.
7- The Date of Reg to FW will open it Thursday 5 pm to Friday 4 pm by The Egyptian Time .
8- Fortress Jangan will be allowed to Reg and Attack . others. Fortress (Hotan , Bandit , Constantin ) will closed until we get a lot of players and guilds .
9- The Fortress Reward will include (arena coin & Donate Assassin Coin ) .
10- Scroll Remove Premium .
11- Problems of MBOT has been Solved .
12- HP of Arabia Uniques Has Been Edited and Fixed .
13-Upgrade system +14 not +16
14-adv Dg 13 +2 and +3 in npc for free silk
15-dg14 adv price low now 300 for adv +2 /400 for adv +3 /500 for adv +4
16-delete adv +4 Dg 13
17-reduced price of global to 20 Coin .
18-Increased Treasure Box spawn .
19-Increased talisman drop rate.
20-Job cheat
More updates are coming stay tuned  
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Twitter : Assassin(s) Twitter Page
Register : Register
Main Forum : Assassin(s) Ma
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