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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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Dark World Sro | Cap 130 | D14 | Free Silk | New Skills | New Areas | All New Avatars | Free Title | New Quests | Coin System | High Alchemy Rate | High Rates

Server Information

Race: EU/CH
Level Cap: 130
Mastery Cap: 390
Gear & Weapon CAP : D.G 14
Free Silk 10.000

Mega-X Sro l Cap 110 l Degree 11 l Free 1M Silk | Mid Rates | Honor Buff Scroll | New Coin System | Custom Npc | Special Items | New Uniques

Your Way To Fun

Server Rates

Exp: 150x
Exp (Party): 200x
Drop Item: 50x
Drop Coin: 50x
Drop Gold: 50x
Magic PoP: 100x
Alchemy Rate: 1.0x
Stones Success: 100%

Pioneer Gaming Network | Cap 100 | New Job Based System | Free Silk | Protected | Special Stones | New Ride Pets | Custom Edits | Daily Events | New Job Quests | Special Titles | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Vote4Silk

Opening: Saturday, 05.10.2013 18:00 GMT+1

About Us
Hello we would like to present our project 'Pioneer'
We are a professional team from all over the world,we are 24/7 online
offering you fair game play with a lot of cool features and fun.
All of our team are trusted people and offering help.

This server has a unique system made by our developers with a new and different job system ,
special alchemy elixirs and lucky powders and many other unique features which make the game
play interesting and funny.

BlackRose Sro | Cap 120 | D12 | Free Silk/Hour | New Features | Jupiter Temple | New Skills | New Teleports | Fgw Quest | New Unique Pets | Survival Arena | Coin System

Server Information
#Server details Updated

General Summary
★ Server Cap: 120.
★ Server Degree: 12.
★ Server Mastery: EU-240/CH-360.
★ Server Race: European & Chinese.
★ Server silk :1 Silk / 60 min.
★ Server Purpose: PvE-PvP-TRD-FW-FGW.
★ Server Files: vSRO Files.
★ Security: vSRO Files.
★ Server Capacity: 1000 Slots.
★ Guild: Fixed emblem , fixed -GP.
★ Server Traffic Stat: Easy.
★ Server IP limited: 3 User.
★ IP: Loader hiden ip , site , client , type.txt , ipinput ,ping -t.
★ Trade Job: Custom.
★ Game System : Coins - Silk - Soulless.
★ Max Stack: Coins - HP/MP- etc..
★ Fortress: Hotan & Jangan & Bandit & Constantinople.
★ Magic POP: Enabled.
★ Magic POP Rate: 5x.
★ Stall & Consignment: Enabled.
★ Server botting: Enabled.
★ Intro: Baghdad.
★ Quests: title names quest ~finished Working.
★ FGW new Quest: FGW new Quest getting you Sun D12.
★ Skills: Newest collect between skills.
★ Jangan Teleport: the easier way to teleport from JG.
★ Advance elexier: +1 (A), +2 (B), +3 (C), +4 (D).
★ Powder: Lucky magic powder higher rates.
★ HP/MP/Grains: New Stack .
★ NPC: New Npc getting item easier.
★ Pets: New Unique pets.
★ Black Ress: Disable.
★ Mirror Dimention : Enabled.
★ Honor Buff: Disabled ~Dontion only.
★ Battle Arena Random (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Battle Arena Guild (Flag/Score): Disabled.
★ Battle Arena Job (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Battle Arena Party (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Capture the Flag: Enabled.
★ Forgotten World (Shipwreck) 101~120: Enabled.
★ Survival Arena Colosseum: Enabled.
★ Survival Arena Desert: ~under working.
★ Survival Arena Palace: ~under working.
★ PvP Arena: Enabled.
★ Job Arena: Enabled ~under woking.
★ Event Arena: Enabled.
★ Roc Entrance: Enabled.
★ Roc Zones: Enabled.
★ Roc Mountain: Enabled.
★ Server Towns: Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, DonwHang, Alexandria South, Alexandria North and Jangan.
BlackRose Sro ,
as you never seen "reborn" !
Project started at 17/05/2012
Came online at 10/07/2013

Prometheus SRO | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Fresh Opened | Capture The Flag | Battle Arena | Job Based Server | New Avatars | Coin System | Free Silk/Hour

Prometheus-SRO is an advanced vSro private server, including so many new systems.
You will have fun with our community hunting, fighting, Trading and much more!

In Prometheus-SRO, we have added new features to make a smoother gaming, you can see them below:

•Guild/Union emblem working.
•Forgotten World working.
•Capture the flag working.
•Fortress war working (Hotan,Jangan,Bandit).
•Battle Arena working.
•Increased Job rate.
•Increased Sox drop rate.
•Forgotten World Talisman drop rate increased
•Items Max stack added.
•Forgotten World delay time reset scroll available in Item mall.
•New Avatar dresses are available in item mall.
•Capture the flag mobs drop (Gold,Silver,Iron,Copper) coins with a percentage rate.
•Capture the flag Ice Trophies can be sold to any NPC for 3m Gold for each trophy.
•Free Silks. (1Silk/hour).

Berserk SRO | Cap 110 | D11 | Euro/Chinese | Free Silk/Hour | New Systems | Coin System | Survival Area | Daily Events | Ctf | New Uniques

On behalf of my Team I see the task of presenting this new Server ..
SRO Berserk offer them incredible gaming experience to Enjoy, we invite you to visit our website and see our Fine Features!

About Us?
We are a professional team, with a high knowledge sro servers, we intend to grow as a community and Expanding our horizons to provide the best service possible ..

Divin-Online | Cap 130 | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | New System | Custom Edits | Cons FTW | Zone Pvp | Coin System | New Skills | Awaken System | Custom Weapons | Survival Room

Welcome To Divin Online

We hope that you enjoy in our server Divin-Online
We have many new stuff like (Weapons,Items,Mobs,Pets,Towns and more...)

Divin Crusade Gaming Online:
Divin Gaming Network is a network which tries so hard to create new legacy of mmorpg gameplay system .In fact , The legacy won't be changed without someone who force it to change ..We , The team of Divin Gaming Network CO. transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new magement of trustful , hopeful predictions 

Legend World Sro | Free Silk | Cap 110 | D11 | Coin System | Uniqes System | Low Rates | Start Items | Cons Ftw | FGW | CTF | Arabia Update

Welcome to Legend World Sro
Server Rates
Cap : 110
Skill Cap : 110
Exp : 200x
Pt Exp : 300x
Drop Rate: 12x
Sox Drop Rate : 2x
Job rates : 3x
Alchemy Rate : 1.5x

GalaxySRO | Retro | No Bot | No Free Silk | No edits | Cap90 | Old School | Classic Game | Old Alchemy System | Low Rates | Old Login Interface | Old Job System | Protector

Do you remember the Ecsro private server ? 
 -old alchemy system
-only ch race
-cap 90
-no free silk no cry
-no multiclient
-no bot
-Low rate