ft Divin-Online | Cap 130 | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | New System | Custom Edits | Cons FTW | Zone Pvp | Coin System | New Skills | Awaken System | Custom Weapons | Survival Room ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Divin-Online | Cap 130 | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | New System | Custom Edits | Cons FTW | Zone Pvp | Coin System | New Skills | Awaken System | Custom Weapons | Survival Room

Welcome To Divin Online

We hope that you enjoy in our server Divin-Online
We have many new stuff like (Weapons,Items,Mobs,Pets,Towns and more...)

Divin Crusade Gaming Online:
Divin Gaming Network is a network which tries so hard to create new legacy of mmorpg gameplay system .In fact , The legacy won't be changed without someone who force it to change ..We , The team of Divin Gaming Network CO. transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new magement of trustful , hopeful predictions 

Server info
Experience Rate: 250x
Party Experience Rate: 300x
Gold Rate: 50x
Drops: 65x
Alchemy : 3.5x
Web Features:
• Profile Page
• Change Password
• Char item look
• Reall Time Server
• TOP Char
• Forget Password
• Comment via each Update
• Forum
• Search
• Item Mall (Uniques Appered-Avatar-Title Name)
• Rules
• Uniques Spot (Time Appered,What's Drop) & Event Time
• Download's 6 Part's
• Donate
How To Play Divin Online:
You start lvl 1 in jangan , you can buy Sun items from the NPC to help you grind , Mobs in Baghdad , Alex and Mirror Dimension drop Divin Silk , you can buy almost everything with Divin Silk .
Server Configuration:
 • Level Cap :130
• Mastery Level: 390
• Free Silk (1h/3silk)
• Coin system.
• Character search.
• Top player.
• Original Avatars and New Avatars.
• Fellow pets.
• Custom skill effects.
• unique summon scrolls.
• Arabia town / mobs.
• TItle names.
• Country dragon flags.
• Stones at npc.
• Battle arena.
• New uniques.
• Working FTW Jangan,Bandit,Hotan,CT.
• Working Guild Icons.
• Working Union Icons.
• Old School Trading.
• Potions and Pills Stackable to 500.
• Stones Stackable to 50.
• Enable Advanced Elixirs +2 +3.
• Enable Magic Pop 5x.
• 3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
• New Zone PVP.
• New Zone For uniques Event.
• New Area.
• New Teleports.
• Premium stats 20%.
• Job Temple.
• Added New Damge Scroll New Speed Scrolls.
• JG,HT Custom NPC 10D,D11,D12,D13,D14 Sun Set and Accessory.
• Divin Silk Drop From Mob Alex,Jupiter,Baghdad To Get Avatar,Pet's And More.
• Copper Coin Drop From Mob Alex And Jupiter To Get Item D13 Sun.
• Iron Coin Drop From mob Baghdad Only To Get Item D14.
• Special Grab Pet 5 Page expansion item.
• fortress war is every friday at 19.00 , 16.00 server time.
• Special Trade start 250m 5* and when you sent it from jangan to hotan you get 600m.
• Quest Title Working like (captin+knight+baronet+General).
• Holy water tempele working.
• Cave Dwonhang start lv120-130.
• New Avatar's Thief's And hunter And more new avatar edit.

Start Item:
New modified items:
Iron Coin

Drop Mobs Baghdad To Get Item D14 In Npc Jangan&Baghdad
 Copper Coin

Drop Mobs Jupiter To Get Item D13 In Npc Jangan&Hotan
 Divin Silk

Drop Mops Alex/Jupiter/Baghdad/Cave Donwhang To Buy EveryThing In Npc Special Item & Uniques Scroll & Lucky Magic Powder & Grap Pet & Attack Pet & Avatar & New Stone & Adv +2,+3 & Revers & Speed 200% & Parry Ratio,Attack Ratio 100% & Awakenig Elxier & Magic Pop & HP+MP4100 & Res Devil & Alchemy Devil & Reset skill & Reset Point Stat & Scroll rename & 20% Damage And More....
Item Mall:

 Grap Pet/Attack Pet/Adv Elixer +2,+3/Lucky Magic Powder:
Lucky Powder Normal (+1)-(+3) 100% & (+4) 10% & (+5) 8% & (+6+7) 100% & (+8) 30% & (+9+10) 18% & (+11+12)...Lucky Magic Powder (+1)-(+4) 100% & (+5) 25% (+6)-(+7) 100% & (+8) 40% & (+9) 20% & (+10) 10% & (+11) 10% & (+12) 10%
  Stone D14/D13/New Stone/Scroll Zerk:
Npc D10/D11/D12/D13/D14:
Item D10 FB Sun +5 For 1m/Item Fight B D11 FB +7 For 2m /Item Moon D12 FB +5 For 8m/Item D13 Sun +0 For 1 Each = 80 Copper Coin And 20m
You can find this NPC in Baghdad & Jangan to buy D14 items

New skills lvl 130 for chinese:

New EU skills are added:
D14 item system:

D14 awakening elements for D14 items
New look for D14 weapons Chinese:
GM Glaive : Player

Blade D14

Glaive D14
Sword D14 Chinese
Shield D14
Bow D14
Spear D14

Bow D12/Glaive D9,D8

New look for D14 weapons EU:
Axe D14

Clirck D14

Staff D14

TwoHand D14

Dark-Staff D14

Sword D14 Europe

Shield D14 Europe
Harp D14
Dagger D14
Cross Bow D14
D14 set ::
Garment D14

Armor D14

Protector D14
Items FB +7 Sun Degree 1~9/Lucky Powder D13,D14/HP,MP (XX1200)/Socket:

New Area:
Pvp Area
Event Area
Jop Tempele

Cave Jangan
FTW Constantinople
Taklamakan Room
Survival Room
Jangan Room
Mobs In Baghdad Area
Mobs In Baghdad Area 2
Mobs In Baghdad Area 3
Mobs In Baghdad Area 4
Survival Room
Mobs In Baghdad Area 4
Survival Room
Cave DonwHang/mobs lv 121-130
Cave DonwHang/mobs lv 121-130
Cave DonwHang/mobs lv 121-130
Cave DonwHang/mobs lv 121-130
New looking mobs and uniques :
Mob's Baghdad lv121-130
New Uniques Baghdad Int+Str
Room Thief Boss Int+Str

Bone Roc Int+Str
Karkadann Int+Str

Khuolod Int+Str
Mustafa Int+Str
New Avatar:

Baghdad & Mirror drops from mobs:
Drop Mops Baghdad
Drop Mops Jupiter
Custom Teleport:
New Attack Pet :

New NPC Quest:

New NPC tablet token gold/silver/iron/copper coins:
Survival Room Thief And Hunter Drop Coins:New interface style:

Boting Is Allowed
How ever you'll be afk and you won't reply , you'll be under risk
Selling gold isn't allowed
Dont Try To Selling Gold For Real Money. Cuz You Will Get Band For Ever
Do not abuse anything it's might be bugged
Better report it into the forum in name of peace
Selling accounts / characters for real money isn't allowed
We don't allow such things like that . and If you've done it , We have no clue about it
Designer/Developer/Server admin
Website~Facebook Page

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