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Finally , Free MBot @ Windows 8 (Cracked)

- All credits goes to you ColdFever^NoEx   & Phoenix 1337 -
Some and many . I was one of them @The beta time of windows 8 , were mad because of mbotloader.exe's parsing the packets through the windows isnt aviliable. Therefore , many switched back to windows 7 / xp . Many gave up for that shit bot and , had to pay for it.

But , still the spirit of hope existing .

While I was walking through forums at google , I saw a specific .DLL Injector . Works with all process , not just which programmed for like crossfire-etc.

It injects the dll you've selected from the menu dialog. then It reflects the effect to the program you've selected.
Lets figure it out.

Everyone's sick from that window.

You've to open mbot normally.

Check my log @mbot if you dont believe.

Now , lets open the injector
We'll select any process , then press M @your keyboard till It selects mbot.
And , press that + to add the .dll

Now , select NoEx's crack

Press Inject and have fun botting at windows 8.

Download links: m-Bot Package Ver 1.12B by Phoenix1337.rar
What does it contain?!

  • MBot crack
  • MBot 1.12B
  • .DLL Injector
Password for archive :  http://prvsro.blogspot.com

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I see everything 0000 and I dont see the config notepad.... HELP MEEEEE

save your settings and then edit your config.ini file : change language=0 to language=9

como hacer para que entren 2 cuentas al mismo tiempo

it works but the picking thing doesnt work, my pet isnt picking up anything

Hi , i have a problem with mbot . I follow all instructions but always same error:

Error while initializing network interface
WSA 0 at step 3

I also have the same problem as the person above me.

What's wrong when It's bug like this An unknown error occured while checking for a mBot update and I'm using win8?
I'm doing everwthing what is wrtied in instrucion. So where is problem ?

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Don't work... I do all the steps but still the same error.

Hello Unknown,
Password for archive : http://prvsro.blogspot.com

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