ft GrimReapeROnline|Cap 130|Free Silks|Full Work|D14| ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

GrimReapeROnline|Cap 130|Free Silks|Full Work|D14|

sevrer start 6/11/2012 at 2.00AM

hello guys after regards, i just create this server with good special edits, and with out any down times and i promise you it will be stable with out any corrupted things we need you to get much online players and be from success servers, and we don't care about donate and money we have enough money to pay to dedicated server, so all we need good and stable private server and it will be success private server with only your help, and this server got a many pro developers who can do any new updates, fix bugs everything, lets start speak about information and news, and if server reach enough players in first week, will do many other updates like cons fortress war and new arabia town, have fun you play you enjoy

Features Values 
Level Cap130
Skill Cap120 skills and silkroad R skills Soon 125 Skills also
Start Level120
Max Level130
Exp Partyx250
Gold Ratex80
Drop Ratex160
Server Status
Jop Ratex80
Mastery Cap390
Gear Cap14th Degree
RaceChinese and European
Magic PopYes
Fortress WarWorking well every friday 6:00 PM GMT +2
Register Fortress WarWorking well every day anytime

Start Items

Start Items Values 
Free Silk10,000
Start Sp10,000,000
Start Gold10,000,000
Grap Pet3 Days
Devil7 Days
Scroll Zerk20
HP/Mp Recovrey2,000
Speed Scrolls11

Values Links 
RegisterClick Here
DonateClick Here
WebsiteClick Here
Download ClientClick Here
please don't ask for media you can't play the game with out full client if you want play good and stable private server you must download full client

Some new Stuff you may want to know it!
1-All New Avatars...Even new Avatar not in any server or even offical ^_^
2-Lucky Magic Powder D13(in NPC)
3-Lucky Stone D13(in NPC )
4-Stack some stuff
5-Uniques 130 ..you will get from them D14 sun items
6-Stall Network till D14
7-Custom Drop for Stones D14
8-Full Working Stones D14
9-New Pets(like: Bird , Bear , Dragon , Arabia New Pets .etc)
10-New Force Skills
11-Devil Spirit S in Item mall
12-Upgrade Item for Devil Spirit can get from Item mall or From Uniques 130
13-You can get Free Silk From Uniqs 130!
14- You can get moon items from mobs JopTemple
15-You can get suns items from uniques JopTemple

Next Updates:-

Constantinople fortress
New Arabia Town
New Skills 125

New npc:-
Screen Shots:-


how we can get Moon & Sun Degree 14 Items?

you can get Moon Items from Mobs In Jop Temple and Sun Items from these uniques

(Apis&Sphinx&Sekhmet&Nephthys&Horus&Osiris&Selket& Neith&Anubis&Isis&Haroeris)

how we can get more free silks?

you can get more silks from killing mobs in Jop Temple 1 silk per mob

how we can get elixers?

from killing mobs in Jop Temple and you can buy elixers for gold from npc

this server will stay online?

ye we will keep this server online forever

this server is beta or not?

no, isn't beta

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