ft Ambition Online |110 Cap | 125 Skill Effects | D13/D14 | Arabian Mobs | Instant 101 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Ambition Online |110 Cap | 125 Skill Effects | D13/D14 | Arabian Mobs | Instant 101

Ambition Online - Open Beta

As you can read above, we are still in a beta stage. But be sure u will keep all your gained Items/Stuff, when we go over to the Final Release.
The first 100 registered Accounts gets Free Silk. (Payouts will be given out when we reach the first 100 registerd Accounts)

Starting Level: Instant 101
Cap: 110
Skills: 110
Items: D13/D14
Mastery cap: Ch: 330 | EU: 220
Serverfiles: VSRO files
ExpRatio: x400
ExpRatioParty: x450
AlchemyRate: x2
Bot: Yes

If you are searching for a Private Server to play and have FUN at, Ambition is the way to go.

What can you expect?
  • A Professional Team
  • Daily Events
  • Weekly PvP Events
  • Academy Buffs by Job Ranking
  • Newest Updates
  • Custom Titles
  • A lot of Fun

Most Amazing Features:
  • Roc Stones [Sleep/Stun etc.] adjusted for D11/D13/D14
  • D13 SoS drops at Arabian Mobs
  • D13 Moon drops at Special Uniques
  • Arabian Mobs at Jangan
  • New Effects of 125 Skills
  • D13 & D14 Items/alchemy
  • Silk Per hour
  • Custom Titles
  • Battle Arena/Fortress War working
  • Newest Fellow Pets
  • All the Items has been adjusted
  • Skills has been balanced
  • All the avatars available
  • Daily Events
  • New Towns
  • Kidemonas (arabian unique)
  • Fair Silk Prices
  • 24/7 stable Server
  • Stackable Elixirs/Stones
Starter Items

New Quest
-for now just a Unique Quest, more will follow

Areas PvP Area

Unique Arena
Arabian Mobs New Stones/Starter Items/Items for Coins/NPC's
New Skills

Item Mall
  • Arena: Every 2 Hours
  • Fortress War: Every Thursday at 7:30pm (GMT +1)
  • PvP Event (Honor Rank): Every Friday
Server Specification
  • Host Location: Europe
  • Intel i7 with 16gb Ram (will be changed for Xeon)
  • 1gbps
Download Links
 We try our best to fulfil your expectations. We are still in a Beta, so bugs may appear, fixing those are our Job.

I highly recommend to download the Full Client else erros may appear.

If you have any Question, feel free to ask 'em.

So far, waiting for you

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