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Silkroad Private Servers

SkyRoad - Tiamat - OldSchool - Cap 70 - D8 - Starter Items

Since I talked with the owner of SkyRoad Online he was accepting my request to develop a server for him. Why? I played on the Job Server Shiva, but since it's in redeveloping (same with Ifrit as I know) I made him the offer to use my files. This server will be my last project ever for the whole sro-community. I know that Silkroad Online is already dead. But I want to use all my knowledge and time to give back a game wich was running back in 2006-2007. This server is nothing for High Rate players or players who want new features like dresses, devil spirit or other items that destroyed the gameplay. So, lets start in explaining the rates, functions etc.

11.16.2012 7:00PM GMT+1~Open Beta (No Wipe!)

Game Download

Well, as I know the Owner is adding domain around the next week.

You can also put in the IP: with IPInput at the original vsro188 client and it will update to our version


Server Name: Tiamat
Lv Cap: 70
Item Cap: 8D(A)
Skill Cap: 69
Mastery: 300
Race: CH
Gameplay: Questing/Jobbing
EXP Rate: 10x
Party EXP Rate: 10x
Job EXP Rate: 20x
Quest Reward/EXP Rate: 20x
Drop Rate: 10x
Gold Rate: 10x
Job Gold Rate: 25x
Alchemy Rate: 1x
Botting: Not Allowed(Result: Instant Ban)
Fortress War: Every Saturday 7PM-10PM GMT+1
Fortress War Request: Every Saturday 1AM-07PM GMT+1

The rates are iSRO like. So don't join if you search for a high rate server or a server where botting is legal. You should do quests, not 24/7 handgrinding.

*Advanced Elixiers disabled
*NPC Shops like back in 2006
*Disabled Snow-Shield(like it should be)
*Disabled Bicheon Force(same here)
*SOM/SUN Items 8D + B/C Items 8D disabled
*FGW Disabled
*Battle Arena Disabled
*CTF Disabled
*Magic Pop Disabled
*Dimension Pillars disabled
*Custom Uniques with special drops
*Dropping Pluto Coins + Global Chats
*Disabled Dresses
*Disabled Premium Ticket, Devil Spirit, Att, Def Scroll from Mall
*Removed Monsters from Taklamakan
*Old Underbar interface
*Buyable rare items(1D-3D) at npc (for pluto coins + gold)
*Buyable Special Items at NPC (Comming soon)

I will keep upgrading this server with special monsters, items, functions....


Starter Items
*1x 28 Day Pet Scroll
*5x Reverse Return Scroll
*20x Beginner Return Scroll
*10x Super Speed Scroll
*1000x HP Potions(Medium)
*1000x MP Potions(Medium)
*1000x Cure Potions(Medium)
*1000x Arrow Package


Unique / Map

and there will be another special unique. Wich will be a secret for now

Mr. Antibot

Well, who is Mr.Antibot? Let me explain.
This nice guy is spawning randomly beside a player while he is grinding/questing/trading. You should run away from him within 5-10 seconds or he will kill you. This monster is still a prototype so the parameters will be changed soon.

Random Screenshots


Our Teamspeak
Port: Standart

Bot Ban List
- JinRoh
- Superia
- Sun
- Baltas

As far as good. I hope you have a nice time here. =)

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