ft DemonRoad | 140 Cap | 140 skill | Mastery 420 | 14D | CTF | Honor system ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

DemonRoad | 140 Cap | 140 skill | Mastery 420 | 14D | CTF | Honor system

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Website: DemonRoad

Client download: Click here to download

  • Exp Rate: 300x
  • Party Exp Rate: 350x
  • Job Rate: 5x
  • Gold Exp Rate: 80x
  • Drop rate: 80x
  • Level cap: 140
  • Skill cap: 140
  • Gear cap: 14dg
  • Weapon cap: 14dg
  • Race: CH and EU
  • Autopot: yes
  • Free Silk: Yes

Dedicated 24/7, high rate server, bug free with CTF, Battle Arena and Fortress War. Nice and friendly GM's and many events.

Both Honor system, guild logo and skill max labels are working! Silk items can be traded! We are flexible with requests.

  • web mall: you can collect credits in the game by hunting uniques and you can buy different kind of items on the webpage what you can't buy in the item mall!!
  • unique hunting for great rewards and title names
  • 10 custom uniques
  • you can buy avatars, pets, santa set, flags at NPC for gold!
  • arabian mobs
  • 14D weapons
  • unique summon scrolls
  • premium alchemy

Start items:
  • rabbit pet
  • reverse pack
  • 10 speed scrolls
  • potions
  • 50k sp at the start
  • 1 million gold

Item stack limit:
  • potion: 300,
  • arrow/bolt: 5000,
  • stone,tablet,
  • elixir: 50
Website feature:
  • automatized unique ranking system
  • web mall
  • built-in email support
  • guild/job reset
  • vote for silk (soon to come)

Next update will include arabian maps and constantinapole fortress!

Go and register! We welcome everyone!

10 new uniques

14D items

Arabian mobs 

New pets and avatars  

Premium alchemy 

New skills

Custom weapon glows

Buy many items for gold in NPC


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