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I want to share my AweAlchemy. (AlchemyTool)
This programm is in Alpha so this programm isn't bug free !

How it works ?
> Start the program and select your sro_client.exe
> Start the client and login to your Charakter
> Refresh
> Now you can select your Item you wanna pimp
> Change the plus value & add it !
> Push 'Start' and he will fuse
> He starts from the Top to fuse !

First of all here is a screen

Not working !
> When you put some items out of your Storage -> Teleport
> When you are buying new items like weapon or lucky powder -> Teleport

Wolf-attackpet are working, but maybe some other attackpets will crash the program !
Pickpets are working all !
I tested it on Styx-Online !
Playsro Osiris

Download the newst !

I look forward to your reactions

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it's not working with ClashSro...plz make it support this game cuz it's the one i'm playin' now it's D14

can u make it support QueenSro?
plz answer me on

It's not working on Seidenkraft Heaven Server. Can u fix that?

is not working with gesro even if is tested there

just download Awea 6,4? i got an error when i had oopened sro with this program said this and didnt show the skills

ERROR: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: La clave proporcionada no se encontró en el diccionario.
en System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
en AlchemyTool.Packets.Login.CharacterData.Server_CharacterData(Byte[] packet)

you must install net framework 4.0

Please include POG SRO as well

Can you explain more about pog sro ?

Hello again,

Thanks for answering!! I am playing on the private server ( POG. I have tried using the debugger and the error I get is the following:

I posted it on Tiny Pic so you could see the entire error in command prompt.

When using the normal fuser (not the debugger) I am able to log into the game and see the blue editing on the client. However, the refresh button on the fuser is grayed out and I cannot do anything with it.

Please let me know if you can help!!

Thanks in advance for your time.


i think there is problem with your server POG with the program , so that you can contact the programmer to help you in this problem and i will provide you his mail : info[AT] contact him if you need help

thanks, I have send him an email at the address you provided. Is there anything else I can do? And how long do you think it might take to get a response back?

I don't know , you can try it by yourself

hey don't work with Queensro?

I think its working with your server test it if it not working , then use this program its tested in your server :


Hello . Does it support dg13 . As I get an error that ot cant read my items

I think it support D13 , test this program


hi , when i open the awe alchemy i get this error plz help me

You have problem with net frame work try to unistall it and download the latest one

i Tried that and still the same problem also i re-installed new windows and the same Help me plz :S

You can contact the coder of this program by mail : daliuzz at about your problem

Hi I got an error,

ERROR: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException:
: System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
: AlchemyTool.Packets.Login.CharacterData.Server_CharacterData(Byte[] packet)

I have net.framework 4.5 please hep me

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hey bro is it work on Rome sro ? .. can u help me please :) i am playing Rome Sro and i got this error
ERROR: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException:
: System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
: AlchemyTool.Packets.Login.CharacterData.Server_CharacterData(Byte[] packet)
i have net frame work 4.5

hi i have playing safkansro online but this program saying eror : File not found : ItemData_5000.txt. pls help to me .thx

Hello cihan duman,
There is problem with your game (media.pk2) file there is an error with this file try to re-download the game or ask your game master for this error

i cant ask to him because , illegal to use fuser in game ^^ thank you for try to help and for answer

Hello, i'm playing on pserver "Pioneer sro" i don't know if it'snot working or there is something wrong, after i start the client it doesn't read that i've logged in or something, but i can't click on refresh inventroy, the debugger is stopped at "started silkroad"
hope u can help.
thank you

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